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    Thanks to those on the forum who have already helped us with war diaries. Very much appreciated.

    I am looking for missing war diaries in order to support the mapping of Project '44. The Library and Archives is supporting our project by digitizing the units we need, but unfortunately with COVID-19 all work has ground to a halt.

    In order to have as many units mapped as possible for launch, we are hoping members on here may be able to help us fill in any gaps.

    We know have all the war diaries for 3rd Canadian Infantry Division, and 4th Canadian Armoured Division, but have several gaps in 2nd Candian Infantry Division and sizeable gaps in the I Canadian Corps units.

    We are hoping to have all the major combat units mapped by May 5th.

    Attached are the units we are looking for, and a snap shot of all the Canadian units mapped to date, colour coded by division.

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    What do each of the following codes mean?

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    I think I can help out with some of the missing files if you can interpret to codes for me. I just sent you the war diaries for the Lake Superior Regiment Sept-Nov 1944.
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    Apologies, I should have put the code down.

    Mapped = We have the war diary and have mapped the unit for that month.
    No = We do not have a war diary, or sufficent microfilm to map the unit.
    File = Means we have the LAC war diary copy and can map.
    Nil = outside of our current scope.

    So anything in the NO column is what we are looking for. Thanks again for your help!
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    OK. I will take a look and see what I can help with.

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