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    MD1 began in "Military Intelligence Research" (MIR). MIR was a department of the War Office set up in 1939 under Lt-Col Joe Holland RE. Holland was the General Staff Officer Grade 1 (GSO1) and brought in Jefferis, also a Royal Engineers sapper and explosives expert, with experience in India, as GSO2 to head MIR(c) a division of MIR that was to develop weapons for irregular warfare. Needing special magnets, Jefferis brought in Macrae initially as an outside contractor but later to be brought into uniform and serve as his deputy. Between them they produced the limpet mine, a timed explosive that could be stuck to the underside of a ship.

    • Sticky bomb – an anti-tank weapon consisting of a glass sphere containing nitroglycerin covered in a powerful adhesive. It was intended to stick to the target vehicle before exploding.
    • PIAT – a hand-held anti-tank weapon based on the spigot mortar that launched a 2.5 lb (1.1 kg) shaped charge bomb using a powerful spring and a cartridge on the tail of the projectile.
    • Limpet mine - a type of naval mine attached to a target by magnets. It is so named because of its superficial similarity to the limpet, a type of mollusc.
    • Puff Ball.
    • W bomb - A sub-surface floating delayed activation contact mine for use against river traffic and structures. Designed to disrupt merchant shipping on the Rhine, 1,700 were deployed destroying bridges and ships.
    • Clam - miniature version of Limpet mine; a small magnetic charge, detonated by an L-Delay or Time Pencil.
    • Beehive charge – a shaped charge with guide rods to ensure correct distancing. Named for the characteristic shape.
    • Squawker acoustic decoy - developed by Lieutenant-Colonel Brinsmead.
    • Time pencil- a time fuse designed to be connected to a detonator or short length of safety fuse. Also referred to as "Switches".
    • Lead Delay Switch ("Switch No. 9") - a more precise timer using the mechanical creep of a lead alloy for its operation.
    • M Mine – anti-personnel weapon in a cardboard body; detonated when trodden on.
    • Kangaroo bomb.
    • "AP Switch" - an anti-personnel weapon based on a .303 inch rifle cartridge and a pressure-sensitive trigger.
    • "Bomb, H.E., Aircraft, J.W., 400lb" (the "Johnnie Walker" bomb) - Upon entering the water the bomb was expected to dive underwater then surface. This would be repeated until it struck the relatively less protected underside of a ship at which point the 90 lb (41 kg) Torpex warhead would explode. The mine would self detonate if its propellent (compressed hydrogen) ran out before it struck something.

    MD1 (military R&D organisation) - Wikipedia

    Winston Churchill's Toyshop
    Firs photos with thanks to Little Friend

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    That is up for debate. Jeffries, Blacker and MD1 certainly each had input, but I would be reluctant to attribute it to anyone person at this time.

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