Military Style. The best Uniforms in History.

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    Why worry about your face if your beaver's showing?
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    Austere Dutchmen, 1611, not uniform as such... but... The plumes!
    (Via a chap on Twitter... but I've now forgotten who.)

    IMG_20160821_132835.jpg IMG_20160821_132831.jpg IMG_20160821_132827.jpg
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    The collars are right sporty, especially the bottom one. Of course, the doily the one at the top is wearing has its advantages, also.
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    Bottom chap the oldest - still rocking a late C16th Ruff.
    First chap middle aged - More standing band - can't quite let go of the elaborate ways.
    Second the youngest - The clean lines of a man about town.

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    Bidwell and Graham refer to him in Tug of War as a "thrusting commander." His aping of British style, mannerisms, and even accent was not popular with Canadian troops; one Canadian called him a "pompous bully," and his costly tactics at Ortona supposedly earned him the nickname "Butcher."
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    This photo actually won in a recent contest to come up with the Most Canadian photograph.
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    Needs to be swigging from a flask of maple syrup with a hockey sticky over his shoulder, but it's pretty much there already!
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    I've read that, and the bullying/hectoring tag seems to follow him around but often with the sweetener that he was big-hearted and would often realise when he'd acted badly and make amends. Other works suggest that his theatrics were deliberate and he both displayed and instilled loyalty in his subordinate officers.

    There is one rather glaring black mark, however:
    Friesoythe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    You may or may not have seen two essays I posted about here:
    "The 'Fightin'est' Canadian General": Christopher Vokes
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    The essay on Vokes is quite well done and offers some enlightening context I hadn't considered.
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    Ironically, in the excellent article posted by Charlie, it is confirmed that Vokes gave Bert Hoffmeister, commander of the 2nd Canadian Infantry Brigade, the option to withdraw from Ortona. Hoffmeister strenuously declined that option in favour of "seeing it through". Yet, one comes away as a Butcher and the other seen a Soldiers General.
    The article also provides some useful context, "In fact, losses in the rest of the 8th Army in December were comparable to those sustained by the Canadians, but only Vokes’ troops had achieved anything resembling success."
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    By way of contrast, I offer Sgt. Cooper.
    sgt h e cooper 48th highlanders.jpg
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    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

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    Illustrated London News 14 June 1941
    Illustrated London News 14 June 1941.jpg
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