Military Style. The best Uniforms in History.

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    The Louisiana Tigers, or Lee's Tigers

    Louisiana Tigers was the common nickname for infantry troops from the state of Louisiana in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. Originally applied to a specific company (Wheat's Tigers), the nickname then expanded to a battalion (originally the 1st Louisiana Special Battalion), then to a brigade, and eventually to all Louisiana troops within the Army of Northern Virginia which was comprised of 10 regiments and 2 battalions. Although the numbers of the Louisiana Tigers dwindled as the war progressed, they developed a reputation as fearless, hard-fighting shock troops. Of the original 12,000 that reported for duty in 1861, approximately 460 were left that went the distance with General Lee and surrendered at Appomattox. Dang yankees....
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    Just seen this on the BBC website.
    What an colourful lot these Thais are.
    BBC News - Day in pictures: 5 December 2012

    I wont say these were the best uniforms ever but thought photo would fit well in this thread.

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    From a Forgotten Weapons heads-up.
    Damned fine Military style, and a C96 too, to top off the look.

    Forgotten Weapons Vintage Saturday: Tactical Sweater


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    A little known Canadian unit, Les Fusiliers de Cherry

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    Some of my favourites from conflicts passed.

    From the Afghan Wars and in particular the battle of Peiwar Kotal in 1878.

    72nd The Duke of Albany's Own Highlanders.

    8th of Foot (Kings Liverpool) attacking the enemy positions.

    Kingsman of the 8th of Foot, in what I like to call his 'Carry on up the Khyber' uniform.

    Liverpool Scottish from WW1.

    72 RH.jpg 72nd-regiment.jpg *KLR.jpg 8PK.jpg

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    And then. of course, there's our Winnie in the 4th Queen's Own Hussars :)

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    And a shout out for the 'Black death'.
    Soviet Naval Infantry had a certain sartorial something:

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    The Lifeguards will take some beating:-

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    These North Koreans are no slouches either! Obviously from the Idi Amin school of sartorial elegance.

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    The Royal Marines is also pretty special!

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    and Foreign Legion pioneer (sapper):

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    Just a thought.... my father, a British Army infantry officer in North West Europe, despite his tailored battle dress from the approved tailor, the best shirts he could afford, a beret from Herbert Johnson, and a silver and gilt cap badge from Gaunt, said he felt 'a right scruff' next to an American Sergeant...

    Incidentally, the service dress tie he wore post-war in Palestine (and I wore in my OSD) was actually an American other ranks' tie!

    A Canadian NWE veterean I met once thought the Wehrmacht officers looked very very smart in their service dress, but the 'bling' was useful to aim at.
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    You are all wrong of course.

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    In terms of simplicity but of instant recognition how about.............

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