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    I would like to use your expertise to find out more about a specific soldier. Years ago I've done some research but didn't completed the search. This is nice time to get back on it.

    When my grandfather, many years ago, was renovating his house, he found several items of the war. Including old boots which fell apart and other items. Also a small Bible was found in the space between the floor and the foundation. This Bible belonged to a Scottish soldier of the 52nd Reconnaissance Regiment. The house still stands this day. The 52nd Recce were in the area in preparation of the attach to the Reichwald in February 1945 (in Boxmeer).

    The Bible contains a small summary of the soldiers military service. I would like to know more about the soldier who was housing my grandparents house in the cold and wet period of February 1945. The details in text:

    W. R. Campbell (9828)

    1940: No. 1 Independent Coy. in B.E.F. and N.W.E.F. (Norway?) as a RFM (Riflemen?)
    1941: B Coy. 52nd BN Recce Corps. in rank of Corporal
    1945: HQ SQN 52nd RECCE Regt. as Sgt/Maj (3249828) - Commander-in-Chief's Certificate (Gallantry) (based on Book by Carl Shiletto - "The Fighting Fifty-Second Recce")

    Who could tell me more about this soldier, his service? Are there people who could find more official documents etc. regarding his units. I would really appreciate the help to create a story around the Bible to complete a bit of local history!

    Some photo's of the Bible:

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    Deleted, wrong info.

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    NWEF is Norway and No.1 Independent Company was one of the first Commando units IIRC. Going by the dates he probably took part in the first Commando Raid in June 1940 on Northern France near Calais. I have a nominal roll somewhere I think.
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    If there's anybody out there with a subscription to findmypast or the britishnewspaper archive websites, there's a potential news article 9/2/45 with his photograph in the Bellshill Speaker newspaper that could be him.

    "We are pleased to note that his Majesty the King has conferred the Efficiency Decoration on Captain W. R. Campbell of the Cameronians...."
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    Oh wow! This would be interesting! How could someone get access to these archive websites?
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    Anyone with an account who could help out?
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    The people of North Lanarkshire Heritage Centre could help me out!

    What do you guys think of it? Sounds like he was localy active in England and not overseas?

    From Wikipedia:
    Hamilton Barracks was formerly the Depot of the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) and the home of the 1st Battalion of the Regiment. The Regimental Museum is part of the Low Parks Museum.

    Like to hear what you guys think.

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    Did you had any luck in finding the nominal role?
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    Sorry slipped my mind. I'll try to remember tomorrow

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