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    I was hoping that someone might be able to advise on a bit of a mystery that has come up having received my grandfather's service records. His name is Albert Cecil Beadle, 8.10.1920.

    He served with the Hertfordshire Yeomanry, Royal Regiment of Artillery 344/86th Field Regiment, from May 1939 until being discharged for being unfit for service in April 1940.

    I have managed to piece together that he was based in Wymondham and must have succumbed to the bitter winter of late 1939 / early 1940 while on exercise, as he did mentioned he was snowed in somewhere and was as thin as a rake and spent a year in hospital (pnemonia)?

    I was aware he had been in the Hertfordshire Yeomanry, but the main service he talked about (but very little) was being in the Military Police and this is what all of the family were aware of. There is even a funny story that he had to arrest my grandmother for going awol (she was based in Stevenage at the searchlights in Mossbury) that they both recalled.

    But here is the mystery,there is no military police on his service record and the RMP museum, even rejected taking my research fee as they said they had check every possible method and he was not in the military police.

    Someone has mentioned he could have been in a regimental police/provost force but is there anyway to check this and why would that not show on the service records?

    I know he also served with the National Fire Service, Stevenage but have no dates, possible post war though 1946-1948..?

    Thank you.
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