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Discussion in 'General' started by albrown, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. albrown

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    is there a site where i can view a list of Military Medals (MM) awarded during WW2. uncle may be a holder of MM
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    "A searchable online database of names published in the London Gazette has been launched by the Stationery Office at Access is free."

    Searches can be done on WW1 or WW2 awards, and enter the name - you are then offered a number of pdf files to look through

    Can be a bit time consuming, but end result is often worth it!



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  3. Paul Reed

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    There were no citations published for MMs in the London Gazette. However, the National Archives has recommendations for most WW2 MMs. But nothing is on-line - you have to make a visit.

    CROONAERT Ipsissimus

    A book exists entitled "For Bravery in the Field" (unsure of the name of the author). This is a listing with some bios of the MM winners of WW2.

  5. albrown

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    cheers for info have better chance of finding out if true now

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