Military Incompetence

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    Reading this thread it would be interesting to read about the background of General O'Connor, because it is really more accurate to say "after O'Connor and until Monty" British generalship in the desert wasn't very good. I'm not sure whether it was because of the sheer size of the Italian army but the planning for the attacks of Operation Compass were at least tactically intelligent (send the invulnerable Matildas to attack the rear where there shouldn't be mines, cover their approach with artillery barrages, THEN send in the infantry). For the attack on Bardia fascines were attached to the Matildas, I believe. And intercepting the Italians at Beda Fomm.... well it very nearly didn't come off, but it did.

    And meanwhile from what I understand the army and air force (O'Connor and Collishaw) worked together well to get things done.

    So was O'Connor not one of the "Old Boys"? Anyway...

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