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Discussion in 'US Units' started by rememberthem, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. rememberthem

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    I have seen a photo of a military dog cemetery in Guam, taken in 1947

    Is it still there?

    I would post photo but don't know how
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    I'm sorry I dont understand this, I understand the question you have asked but why have you not researched it yourself?? - if you Google the phrase " military dog cemetery in Guam" it is simple to see that the answer is

    National War Dog Cemetery - Wikipedia

    If you need to upload images then when replying look at the bottom right hand corner of the reply box and use the button that says "Upload a File" - its not difficult

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  3. Owen

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  4. Owen

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  5. rememberthem

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    I didnt know if it had been temporary or neglected or reused, as so many animals can be treated shabbily by people and it never occurred to me that there would be a wikipedia entry for it and my main reason for posting was to put a record on here that such a cemetery existed for future browsers After all , if I was to google it, it would help to know that such a thing was even in existence in order to have something to google

    I only knew it existed because I saw one 1947 photo of it and it didnt look all that permanent then If I could have put in the photo, I probably would have done title and had the photo with the 1947 date with it and no question but I couldnt and thanks to your advice... I still have no idea

    I live in a world where live animals are often used and abused without thought and I did not PRESUME that in death they would be treated far better than most in life

    I also hoped someone had actually been there and could tell me if still there and what info was on the headstones

    ie name DOD DOB if known
    Breed or at least breed type and cause of death

    I dont know how to upload a photo I dont know how to lift it or even choose it from something and would never have had a clue that uploading a file related to a photo

    I think you presume too much about my familiarity with computers/phones as I have only had this phone for 8ish weeks and have only a brief time with someone once a week to get any help at all If terms and even where things are, are totally unknown, then advice using those terms dont really help

    Generally advice given by people presumes a deal of former knowledge tho their familiarity means they dont realise it

    I have knowledge and intelligence in other fields.

    I would have simply told me kindly that wikipedia actually has info on my query Even that the cemetery was well known (IF it is) and probably have hunted up other sites and no doubt dug up a few other places that might also have been of interest to me IF I were you OR RATHER if I were you with your knowledge of the internet but with my enthusiastic helpfulness

    I feel you answered not to help but to manage to get a backdoor kick criticism in

    I suggest if you think a question is not worthy of your effort and you are offended by its simple answer, then you not bother to waste your valuable time answering with criticism because someone else was happy to give the same info, whether or not they thought it a bit of a frivolous question but without the putdown

    I presume there is some sort of blocking mechanism here? Perhaps your future good mood and frail sense of offence and valuable time would be better served if you simply block me now

    Would be interested to know if you give the same reply to people who ask questions that are simply answered by reference to Chorley etc

    Why don't you ... have a nice day...
  6. rememberthem

    rememberthem ex member

    My thanks to all who replied kindly and helpfully but for me this subject has been rather poisoned unnecessarily

    I wondered if it still existed but clearly does and what might be on gravestones if they were ever upgraded or whether there was some reference to breed type of each?

    I also wondered if anyone had been there and walked among the graves but I might take a break from this for now

    Once again thank you for the kind helpfulness
  7. Owen

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    Just seen this.
    War Dog Memorial (1944-Unknown) - Find A Grave...

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  8. rememberthem

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    I've done it again! Answered 1/2 way through your reply! It must be this tiny screen and I cant face erasing it and typing it out again

    Owen you are a kind sweetheart and so patient and helpful Next time - IF you are ever in the dog house, I'll be happy to plead your cause...

    I am fascinated by the Find A Grave ref

    I found them when researching a Lanc crew, 6 of whom were seen to leave the stricken bomber but all falling to their death, years ago when the library set me up and let me press buttons for an afternoon

    The navigator was given the rank of Captain and the mistakes were so appalling I must admit I was furious about the site As well, it was loaded with syrupy gormless comments and people were 'sponsoring the graves' and I believe were donating money to put VIRTUAL flowers on his grave and it was so slackly researched I left the site fuming. I believe it has recently changed ownership or management? I think it was run by a Dutchman originally? Or am I digging up a fact for the wrong subject?

    I guess I should go back and check if it has fixed the crew I sought out

    I wanted to leave a GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER message at the time but had to join to leave a message, which I refused to do
  9. rememberthem

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    I didnt press reply then I think a kitten that climbed into my hands while I was trying to type did it and I didnt notice and have been trying to work out where it went - until I realised it was posted on thread

  10. rememberthem

    rememberthem ex member

    I cant make out the writing even tho I have worked out I can enlarge it but it does look like a real dog lover has made an effort to tell some of each dog's story

    I hoped it would be so but to be honest, I didnt expect anything so good

    I did fear that the dog cemetery would have been neglected and lost in undergrowth and thought that it might have been long forgotten in that case, and so not recorded on things like wikipedia - which is why I did pose the question, given I couldnt put up the photo and had to write something.

    I took comfort that at least I had put it in modern public record and that if it was forgotten it might make someone interested enough to investigate I know there are a number of Dickin medal winners with graves in the UK, (when not stuffed - mainly pigeons... ) but we used so many animals and then abandoned or shot them if they survived the war

    Only one WW1 Australian horse came home A chestnut gelding I recall, owned by an officer who paid all the return costs himself

    It lived in loved retirement on the officer's property and when it died, was stuffed and ended up in a room of stuffed WW1 animals and birds at The Australian War Memorial in Canberra It was a rather disorganised small animal room when I was little Very little info but I believe now everything is far better explained and set out

    I believe it was moved to the officers mess at Duntroon for a short while but with WARHORSE it is now back at the War Memorial and a star exhibit.

    Tho I have read that a tiny little maltese terrier cross that was a messenger dog and has been stuffed with an expression of fear and uncertainty on it's face - including a raised front paw which indicates indecision, has suffered badly from exposure to light and is not on pemanent display anymore

    I know it distressed me a lot Even tho very young and with no training in body language etc I knew it was frozen in time, afraid and uncertain of whether to stop, return or go on

    I guess it was a talented taxidermist but it is deeply sad to an educated dog owner or behaviourist, however accurate it is
  11. snailer

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    Out of interest how sure are you that he wasn’t the Captain?

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