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    MI (R) - Military Intelligence (Research) was the War Office Department that was one of the founding components of SOE. Colin Gubbins then a Major had been recruited by Jo Holland the Department Head, later went on to be involved in the Independent Companies which were transmuted into the Commandos, the Auxiliary Units (Britain's Resistance Organization) and then later still to head SOE.

    MI(R) fielded a number of missions around the world. These included:-

    No 13 Mission - Norway via Stockholm
    No 19 Mission - The Belgian Congo - 1940
    No 101 Mission - Abyssinia (Ethiopia) - This was also known as the Sandford Mission
    No 102 Mission - Sienussi Arabs in Libya
    No 103 Mission - British Communities in the Americas
    No 104 Mission - to Australia
    No 105 Mission - Canary Islands
    No 106 Mission - To Aden
    No 107 Mission - to Kenya

    It will be noted that 102, and 103 Missions were similar to the STS at Camp X and the Ramat David school in Palestine.

    A Polico-Military course was instituted at Cambridge University, the inaugural course was attended by 40 officers it ran from 15th January to 9th March 1940

    Peter Kemp, Andrew Croft, Malcolm Munthe, George Musgrave, Peter Fleming, and Mike Calvert were early MI(R) officers.
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    What was mission No 13?
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    Hi I have not looked at the detailed file as yet (WO106/4993) The Mission was commanded by Col J C A Pollock. I will copy the file when next at Kew

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