Met Police,War Reserve Police Constable: Fritz George William Stump.

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    Met Police,War Reserve Police Constable: Fritz George William Stump.died 29/7/40

    I contacted The Police Roll of Honour after finding this headstone in Malden Manor (St Johns) to see if he did die on duty as stated on the headstone.
    He died of natural causes in the street but if proven he was on duty he will be included in their WW2 Roll of Honour.They are checking to see if there was a post-mortem which hopefully will give more detail.
    Thanks to TD for finding out further information enabling me to give them as much detail as possible.

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    Presumably TD gave you the BMD etc info
    Stump, Fritz George William (otherwise George William of 2, High Street, Esher, Surrey died 29 July 1940 at 59a Malden Road, New Malden, Surrey. Administration Llandudno 14 October to Edith Rebecca Ellen Stump, widow. Effects £214 7s 5d.
    Name: Fritz William G Stump. Registration Year: 1908. Registration Quarter: Jan-Feb-Mar
    Registration district: Paddington, London. Volume: 1a. Page: 60.
    Married Edith R E Holyoak on 23 December 1933. George/William was a commercial traveller, as was his father Walter Henry Frederick Stump.
    Edith's father Percy James Holyoak, a bank clerk.
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    Marriages Dec 1933
    Stump Fritz W G Holyoak Kingston 2a 1115
    Holyoak Edith R E Stump Kingston 2a 1115

    No children.

    2 High Street , Esher U.D., Surrey
    George W Stump 28 Dec 1901 Manager Of Shop dealing with Wireless and Bicycles
    Edith R E Bullock (Stump) 01 Jun 1905 Unpaid Domestic Duties

    Marriages Sep 1956
    STUMP Edith R E BULLOCK Surrey Mid.E. 5g 439
    Bullock Frederick E STUMP Surrey Mid.E. 5g 439
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    Thank you for the input just awaiting coroners report and any news articles that can relate to him being on duty at the time of his death to enable him to be included on the Police Roll of Honour
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    The MEPO diaries are at the NA. The ones available to download free mention no casualties on the day of death but mention casualties in the days before but not by name (killed/wounded)

  6. CL1

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    thanks Kyle we checked them too.
    He died of natural causes in the street just trying to find out if he was on duty or going to or from the police station
  7. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

    If anyone can add anything further I would really appreciate it.
    The Police Roll of Honour are currently very busy They did not have this PC on their list but to include him they require confirmation that he was either on duty or going on/off duty when he died.
    I am attempting to get a coroners report which might add more info.

    thank you
  8. Tricky Dicky

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    England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858-1966, 1973-1995
    Name: Fritz George William Stump
    [George William Stump]
    Death Date: 29 Jul 1940
    Death Place: Surrey, England
    Probate Date: 14 Oct 1940
    Registry: Llandudno
    These details say he lived at 2 High St, New Malden but 'died' at 59a Malden Road

    To confirm his home address:
    1939 England and Wales Register
    Name: George W Stump
    Gender: Male
    Marital Status: Married
    Birth Date: 28 Dec 1907
    Residence Year: 1939
    Address: 2 High St Esher
    Residence Place: Esher, Surrey, England
    Occupation: Manager of Shop Dealing with Wireless & Byuck??
    Schedule Number: 51
    Sub Schedule Number: 1
    Enumeration District: DMJA
    Registration district: 30-2
    Inferred Spouse: Edith R E Stump
    Household Members:
    George W Stump
    Edith R E Stump

    I would assume knowing his time of death would help answer the question, as he seems to run a shop probably open say 08:00 - 18:00 ?, is it possible to find out is there was a shop at 59 Malden Road, and you travellers of the streets of London could tell us the distance between the 2 address's etc


    Could this be the Police Stn - says on the High St - Demolition of historic police station begins

    According to this the first air raid in Malden was Sept 1940 - The 1st Raid - Malden Blitz 1940 - so unlikely he was killed in that :blush:

    Have checked through Civilian deaths for 29 July 1940 and only 1 result:

    Dorothy Rose Mullins abt 1912 29 Jul 1940 Lambeth, London, England
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  9. CL1

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    from the Police records
    Stump died of a brain haemorrhage away from home but near his station at New Malden, which suggests he may have been on patrol duty but may also have been travelling to or from work. There was a post-mortem and inquest on 31st July, which found it to be a 'Natural Death'.

    to be included in the Police Roll of Honour he needs to have died whilst on duty
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    Doesnt your last post answer the question??

  11. CL1

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    it suggests he was on duty but the PRH wont accept it unless confirmed.
    The headstone states died on duty so his family believe that to be the case but PRH dont have the records to state he was on duty so unless confirmed they wont include him
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    Just a couple of thoughts.

    In those days people used to clock-in/out. There would likely be a station attendance book/register but whether this has survived over the years must be doubtful.

    Do you have his time of death? If so, it should be possible to ascertain the station shifts and whether his death was after his shift had started?!


  13. CL1

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    hello Steve
    very good points but records did not survive for this particular chap and as TD posted the old police station has long gone.

    from PRH
    To get this on the national Roll and the Metropolitan Police Book of Remembrance we still require corroboration of his duty status (which the few police records existing do not confirm). As there was an inquest I would expect a local news report, which would give the circumstances surrounding his death and hopefully corroborate that he was on duty at the time
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    would be useful but I also guess the inquest report itself should say roughly what time he died etc, is it possible to obtain copies of inquest reports??????

  15. CL1

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    according to the PRH yes you can obtain them but Sutton archives not open till next Thursday so will call them then.
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