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    Forgive me if this is a duplicate, does anyone know why these two men were awarded the BEM (part of a very like list:

    The Supplement to the London Gazette dated 3 January 1945 records the award of the British Empire Medal to William Drew, Boatswain and Emmanuel Heilbron, Chief Steward; both of the La Pampa. There is no citation.
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    Dear Roy,

    I hope the below helps

    William Drew

    BEM (CD) – 1945 Birthday Honours – when Boatswain

    LA PAMPA (Buries, Markes Ltd.)

    08 June 1945 Gazette Issue 37122, Supplement 3057 published 15 June 1945

    Emmanuel Heilbron

    BEM (CD) – 1945 New Year’s Honours – when Chief Steward

    LA PAMPA (Buries Markes Ltd.)

    29 December 1944 Gazette Issue 36869, Supplement 134, published 03 January 1945

    There would be no Citations.


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    Thanks Mike,
    I wondered what they got the award for.
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    Hi Mike,

    I'm trying to find news of my father whom was there in UK during WW2.

    He was born William Robert Morrell, but, in my lifetime, always known as Bob, & so I guess might have similarly used R W Morrell back then if there was confusion with other Morrells.

    It's a long shot for me. All I know is that he was in the water, got burns, Merchant Navy.
    He would never talk of it.

    He died in 1981 aged 55.
    He was the youngest survivor of over 9 brothers.
    Post-war worked for his father's business H Morrell & Sons (builders).

    If I don't hear from you I'll guess either I'm on the wrong track or your email address is no longer used...or something else.

    Kind regards,
    Robert Morrell
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    The Czechoslovak War Cross 1939 -1945 was awarded to the following MN personnel: Lancelot Hill, Chief Officer MAHOMED ALI EL KEBIR; the Master lost his life before the award. Francis Nesbit, Master NORTHMOOR who "showed great zeal and energy" rescuing 1,563 from Sète. Herbert Wilson, Master GIBEL DERSA. Edward Davies, Master APAPA. Thomas Muckle, Master ROD EL FARAG.

    The Masters of the merchant ships had been asked to recommend one of their crew, but some did not.
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    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

    Panels from Tower Hill Memorial

    upload_2018-9-6_11-37-56.png upload_2018-9-6_11-49-39.png
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