Mentions in Despatches for the Rear Echelon

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    As part of the research I'm conducting I've come across numerous individuals who have been Mentioned in Despatches. My particular query relates to the fact that I have one individual whose only decoration, beyond the normal service medals was a MiD he recieved having evaded following the Italian Armistice. However I have a chap who served with the ROAC & didn't see front line service but received 3 MiDs. Is this unusual or did it represent the only option for acknowledgement of those behind the front line who wouldn't be eligible for other decorations?
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    Joh -
    does sound a bit odd but bearing in mind that the ROAC were responsible for the distribution of all ammunition used by the front line troops it is entirely possible that this chap was involved in saving a truck load of ammo - or the lives of those moving this same ammo - or in some other way doing valiant deeds which drew the MID's - the normal echelons were just doing the job the Army paid them to do - so very little recognition.
    OR his brother was the Colonel who knows !
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    The only information I have on the justification for one of the MiD awards was that he had found compasses for a particular unit shortly before D-Day when there were no compasses to be had.
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    Whats his name, they may be listed online at the National Archives.

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