Memorial to 36th Division Arakan 1944

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    It is definitely not Shillong; Shillong is in India, not the Arakan, for this is the time that 36 Ind Div was beginning to move North for their next campaign.
    The WD mention of the unveiling follows a visit to 72 Brit Bde, and I note that two days later the GOC presented decorations to that brigade at Sinzweya. A possibility, but I can't imagine a better place for a memorial.
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    Thanks for that idea.It could well be there. I will see if there are any refs to Sinzeweya in the 9th Btn War Diaries . It is possible Major Cash did not take the photos of the memorial himself, but obtained them from other sources. Compared with some he took himself, they do appear of high quality. Thanks for all useful input

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    You may be correct for I believe that I may have seen those photos before. I can't remember if it was in a published source or elsewhere. I may even have copies in my collection, but my filing system, and memory, seem to have failed me, yet again.
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    Jitter Party, I know the problem! But it does make me think that the photos may not be exclusive to Major Cash. I have found the reference to the memorial now in Murray Gillings, The Shiny Ninth.He says on p 128,speaking of those who did not make it back home " Many of them had not returned from Burma......In The Arakan a simple memorial to fallen comrades was fashioned on a rock.That may be their only lasting monument but rain and sun may have eroded even that."
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    Not what I was looking for...


    And a useful wider view:


    From this 'lost photos' site:

    Lost McWilliams
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    That wider view gives a much better idea of the landscape. And clearly shows the ceremonial involved in the unveiling. Thanks for posting. All helps.
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    AS006a Memorial construction Burma-L.jpg And here we have the same memorial under construction....Kindly sent on behalf of the son of Harold Squires who served with 9th Royal Sussex. View attachment 247111
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