Memoirs of a Former German Paratrooper

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    Some 20+ years ago I was given an 82-page booklet written by Herr Erich Reinhardt, who was an interpreter for the Royal Military Police in Fallingbostel. It's well-written and covers his life before joining the parachute arm, his time as a paratrooper and his involvement in Crete and N Africa, where he was captured. I have no further use for the booklet but rather than chuck it away would like to hand it on to someone who has an interest in the fallschirmjäger. I will pay for postage to any UK address. First PM I receive with name and address wins the booklet!
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    Sorry to anyone else who was interested, Alex1975uk was first to PM so wins the prize!
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    That is very kind of you
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    Hope he transcribes it on here.
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    My limit is 81 pages sorry!
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