Melitta Grafin Schenk von Stauffenberg

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    Whilst reading up about the "Valkyrie Lovers" in another thread I came across information about this Aviatrix who was second only to Hanna Reitsch in terms of Womens Aviation in the Third Reich. Whats interesting about this lady is that she was originally disqulaified from the Luftwaffe in 1936 because of her Jewish Roots! Her Father was originally Jewish and converted to Protestantism but this counted for nothing in Hitler's Germany. Even though she was part-Jewish she was ordered to Rechlin to become a test pilot for the Luftwaffe and primarily worked on nosedives on warplanes. She did about 2,500 of these primarily on JU 88 and JU87 aircraft.

    She married Claus von Stauffenberg's brother and was killed on 8th April 1945 when the training aircraft she was flying was intercepted by Us warplanes.

    Here is the Wiki link for her: Melitta Schenk Gräfin von Stauffenberg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    A nice little piece of history that you unearthed.

    History often forgets the second best and the rest!


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