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    Just became aware of this "Busby Berkley" type review stage show performed by RCN personnel for allied service personnel in Canada, UK & mainland Europe 1943/45.

    I came across service record of a Lt Charman, RCNVR, accidentally killed at Oldenburg, Germany 2.9.1945 in LAC Canadian Service files online. He was Business Manager for the show and was killed at their hotel after the accidental discharge of a pistol by a non performing member of the show's company.

    Contemporary papers in the file indicate the show was to continue on tour into late 1945 but below link states last show was in Oldenburg 12th September 1945.

    It may have been curtailed due to the death of Lt Charman and/or adverse comments by Maj Gen Vokes, GOC 3rd Canadian Division recorded on the Military Court of Enquiry papers in the file.

    The stage show was filmed in London November 1945 and released in cinemas the following year. There is a copy on YouTube.

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