Medium Regiment Forward Observer's vehicles

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    Did the Medium Regiments use Daimler Dingos as Forward Observer's vehicles?

    The time frame is 1940 - 1942. The theatre is Western Desert.

  2. Sheldrake

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    Why do you ask?

    The 1939 establishment had a 8cwt for the BC BK and RA and RB troop commanders. Organisation of a Medium Regiment 1940

    Not suggesting that they did not, but why do you think they had Daimler Dingos.
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    Hi Sheldrake.

    Thanks for your reply.

    I asked because I wanted to know!

    Not being an expert, do you know which type of lorries fell into the 8cwt category?

    I read somewhere that Field units (or was it RHA?) sometimes used Dingos, so I wondered if Medium units did too?

    Do you know what vehicle was the armoured OP listed in the link you posted? I thought that website was long gone, good to see it back.

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  4. Sheldrake

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    The Armoured OP Vehicle was a tracked Universal Carrier. Universal Carrier - Wikipedia

    The Establishment table shows two AOP vehicles, but they are not mentioned in the battery establishment, which is where I would expect to see them. This might explain the odd grouping with one troop commander as the single battery OP Party and the second as the Battery Leader.

    The 8 cwt vehicles looked like this. British light trucks.jpg British light trucks 2.jpg lorry 8cwt 4x2 ffw humber.jpg

    Those tables relate to establishments which say what on paper a unit is supposed to hold. What vehicles were actually used, and who used what might vary depending on what vehicles were available and how commanders chose to deploy them. It wasn't unknown for a friendly armoured unit to lend a tank or armoured car to an OP to enable the OP to keep up with the armour.

    I could understand borrowing a big armoured car as an OP vehicle, something like a Marmon Herrington Mk II, but the Daimler Dingo is too small to be an ideal choice. As an OP Troop Commander I spent three years with a Ferret Scout car as my second vehicle. You could not fit the whole party of four in it.

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  5. DavidW

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    Thanks, that's so helpful.
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    I've got a vague memory this might've come up over on AHF, if so I hope I pointed you to this entry on Tony Chadwick's site - East Scale of Transport) May 1942.pdf

    Its lists the AOP types, somewhat vaguely, in the notes. AOP tracked I'm sure would be the carrier detailed above, AOP wheeled I don't know (white scout car?).

    Nigel's RA site has stayed around, it's Derek Barton's RA 1939-45 that sadly got disbanded. I did drop Nigel an email though for his thoughts on the 25-pr shell performance that came up recently, no answer received as yet.

  7. DavidW

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    Thanks Gary
  8. Tom OBrien

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    I'm not sure if this helps - it's from WO169/1492 - 64 Medium Regt War Diary for 1941

    Armoured OP.JPG
    I have always thought the Armoured O.P. was a carrier.


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    Thanks all!

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