Medals from house clearance Battle of Britain Bar to AR 73 and 274 sqn ?

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  1. arantxa1967

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    I got some medals in a tatty old frame picture and medals etc
    on back in pencil it says AR 73 sqn and 274 Sqn
    does any one have any idea who this is
  2. Temujin

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    Not much info to go on......have you a photo? (Not sure it would help though) or anything else?
  3. Tricky Dicky

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    Medals: campaigns, descriptions and eligibility
    To apply for the Battle of Britain Clasp to the 1939-45 Star, you must have:
    served as aircrew on a fighter aircraft been engaged in the Battle of Britain between 10 July 1940 and 31 October 1940

    List of RAF aircrew in the Battle of Britain (O–R) - Wikipedia
    Cant find one with surname starting 'R' and christian name starting 'A' in squadrons 73 or 274

    Hopefully there may be another database somewhere


    I cant see anything in here either - BOBHS | Aircrew R
  4. arantxa1967

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    this is the picture in frame its ll sealed up with old nails etc at back so didint wont to open it up to look at back of photo he doesnt look like a pilot but on other hand its a nice photo

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  5. arantxa1967

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    could the AR stand for something else i guess if your putting a name you put the whole name
  6. Harry Ree

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    Both Nos 73 and 274 Squadrons did not serve in the Battle of Britain.

    No 73 Squadron, an old fighter squadron dating back to the days of the RFC from 1917.operated in France until the end of the Great War. Disbanded in 1919,it was reformed in early 1937.It was involved in France from September 1939 until it was evacuated back to England on 18 June 1940.

    In November 1940 it was posted to the Middle East where first of all it served in Greece briefly then for the remainder of the war served in the North African desert, Malta and Italy.

    No 274 Squadron was another squadron dating back to the Great War ,albeit in the final month. Intended to have an anti submarine role with Vimys which was never effected, it looked to be destined as an element of the RAF Independent Air Force being equipped with the HP V/1500 bomber. This was short lived and it was disbanded in January 1920.The squadron was reformed in August 1940 and was posted to the Middle East where it was prominent in the North African desert operations. Destined for the 2nd TAF, the squadron then operated from Hornchurch in April 1944,then from September 1944 operated from continental bases in Holland and Germany for the reminder of the war.

    It would appear to me that the photograph shows the airman in a tropical/desert shirt. Both squadrons used a variation of single seater fighters and from that I would expect the airman,
    if a pilot, to have a pilot's brevet on his shirt.

    AR...probably the initials of an airman who served on both squadrons.
  7. Blutto

    Blutto Plane Mad

    I wonder if a better photo of the medal layout might help.
  8. RAFCommands

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    Of the two No.73 Squadron is the only one that earned Battle of Britain battle honours for their Standard.

    Sqn Histories 71-75_P

    Quite a few aircrew gained their clasp serving with No.73 Squadron during the qualifying period but none of those can be readily found with either firstname A and surname R or A R firstnames.

  9. Temujin

    Temujin Member

    I know that you mention you did NOT wish to open it up.....but I would still look at the back of the photo.....and then I would take the time to have it all “remounted” in the same frame, but a new backing, and basically “fix it up” so it will last another 100 years. You could also “scan” the photo, so it is saved for the future? AND, you never know, their “may” be information behind the back covering when you remove it. I have seen many photo frames like this, and the medal info or info on the man is placed in an envelope on the back

    Just a suggestion, would be a shame NOT finding out who this is.
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  10. I reckon you are going to find he's a member of ground crew who served in the UK during the Battle of Britain and later in Africa, a few of these guys seem to have self-awarded copy BOB clasps post-war on the basis that they also served in the BOB. If he was a BOB aircrew entitlement surely he'd have the Aircrew Europe Star as well like the remainder of the BOB pilots. Just a thought. I bet you a tenner thats a copy BOB clasp LOL
  11. Richelieu

    Richelieu Well-Known Member

    As this looks like a family memorial to me I took a look at 274 Squadron in the CWGC database and found Flight Lieutenant ALBERT MELVILLE ROSS.

    Aircrew Remembered provides some biographical details, including this photograph which could be your man. They also describe the mystery surrounding his loss. You might like to return the compliment and provide them with a clearer photograph that they can add to their webpage.


    From the Air Force List:

    (839) - Air Force lists > Air Force list > Bimonthly > 1941 > March - British Military lists - National Library of Scotland

    (924) - Air Force lists > Air Force list > Bimonthly > 1941 > May - British Military lists - National Library of Scotland
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  12. Markyboy

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    Looking at the link that's a pic of p/o Hutt?
  13. travers1940

    travers1940 Well-Known Member

    The link to Albert Melville Ross who died while serving with 274 Sq is interesting, but agree with Markyboy that pic posted is of P/O Patrick Hutt & supplied by Hutt's family.

    A short bio of Albert Ross at the bottom of the link seems to rule him out as a BoB pilot. It seems that his service May 1939 to his death was in North Africa & is quoted as both 112 Sqn at Helwan, Eqypt & 211 Sqn before transfer to 274 where he was in Feb 1941 when promoted.
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  14. Richelieu

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    Of course! Sorry about that... must have been having a senior moment... in my defence, and perhaps imagination, they do look alike!
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  15. minden1759

    minden1759 Senior Member

    If you look on the rim of the two circular medals, you may well find his name.

    Not the miniatures, just the two large ones.


  16. AB64

    AB64 Senior Member

    Unfortunately unless someone had them privately named they will be blank
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  17. travers1940

    travers1940 Well-Known Member

    There is a contact for the history of 73 Squadron in this link. No association or ilnk listed for 274 Sq.
    RAFRA - Squadrons

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