Medal Of Honor European Assault

Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by thunderbolt47, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. thunderbolt47

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    It was announced that the newest Medal of Honor will be out June 6, 2005. This new installment covers the war in 1942. One of the many featured battles in this game is the Comando Raid on St. Nazaire. In this game you will play as Lt. William Holt who was sent from the OSS to Britian to help the British destroy the rapidly expanding Thrid Reich. In this game you fight with a squad give commands and while you try to complete main objectives you also look for secret objectives such as documents and find out what Hitler is doing to try and conqure the world. So for all the Medal of Honor fans get ready to return to Europe and stop the German War machine from dominating the world.

    Hit'em hard and hit'em fast till the hope you don't come back.
  2. British Lad

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    I have feeling this game will be crap because last few medal of honor games have been disapointing and rumour has it that the game will feature bullet time *sigh*
  3. Lt. Winters

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    June 6th..Is that a coincidence that its D-Day or something more mysterious? Hmm... Well I think ill have a try of the game anywho because I loved pacific assault.

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