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Discussion in 'Service Records' started by Hillfox28, Aug 15, 2022.

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    I have just received some unmounted WW2 medals from relatives (living in the USA) of an NCO who was KIA. I have offered to get them professionally mounted and need some advice of the order in which they should be mounted. The medals are the Defence Medal, the 1939-45 War Medal, the 1939-45 Star and the France and Germany Star. Working from the centre of the chest, which order should they be in? Additionally, the NCO was awarded a King's Commendation for Brave Conduct in 1945. On which medal ribbon should the bronze oakleaf be worn?

    Many thanks for any accurate advice.

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    Hi there,

    When you say the Defence Medal, do you mean the War Medal?

    The only reason I ask is that a good many casualties received the War Medal only, and not the Defence Medal. If you do indeed mean the Defence Medal, then the group is missing the War Medal.

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    Probably better if you had started a new topic rather than posting on to this one as you will likely get more responses.

    I’ve asked a moderator to move it to its own topic.

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    Oops, I misread.

    The order is:-

    - 1939-45 Star
    - France Germany Star
    - Defence Medal
    - War Medal + Kings Commendation for Brave Conduct Oakleaf.
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    Very many thanks indeed.

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