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    My uncle enlisted 19/07/45, went to Egypt 1946 as a guard to German Pows camp. Would he have been intitled to medals? As I know he never received any after discharge in 1949.
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    And Egypt was no longer in a theatre of war
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    If he started his service 19th July 1945 he appears to be entitled to The War Medal as it was awarded for 28 days service with a cut off date of 2nd September 1945.

    You need to have sight of his service papers to confirm that he spent all of his overseas service 1945/49 in Egypt. Troops served in Palestine and saw active service there during the civil emergency leading up to the end of the British Mandate. That service earned a GSM entitlement for Palestine 1945/48.



    To save you the cost of applying for his service record, if you don’t want to have sight of it, just apply for his War Medal via the below link -

    Medals: campaigns, descriptions and eligibility

    As part of their eligibility check the Medal Office will request his service record from Glasgow to check his entitlement. I would add a query to the application form that you believe he also served in Palestine between 1945/48 and the Medal Office will confirm or deny his eligibility for the General Service Medal and issue it to you if he is entitled.
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    Cheers mate for that. I send off to see if he entitled.

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