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    I'm working my way through my Grandpa's service records and I've come to the part about his campaign medals, which Mum has. Beneath the 3 named medals, there is a stamp that says (I think) stars/clasps. Should there be a clasp? to one of his medals? P.S. I know nothing about military medals, hence what might be a daft question!

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    Looking at your attachment, there are four medals named:

    1939-45 Star
    Italy Star
    Defence Medal
    War Medal 1939-45

    I'm not sure about whether or not there should be any Stars or Clasps awarded to that group of medals? There are no clasps awarded for the Italy Star on its own, but often (but not always) service in Italy was preceded by service in North Africa, which would often include a Clasp or emblem.

    How many medals does your Mum have? I have attached the four mentioned on the attachment, shown in the order in which they should be worn.

    Italy Star.jpeg
  3. Richelieu

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    Probably not.

    The only clasp available for the 1939-45 Star at the time was ‘Battle of Britain’ – a ‘Bomber Command’ clasp was authorised in 2012.

    No clasps were authorised for the Italy Star, Defence or War Medals.

    Medals: campaigns, descriptions and eligibility
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    Hi, there - looking at the photo I get the impression that the stamp for “stars and clasps” is just an all purpose rubber stamp (literally) to record that all the relevant awards had been issued to the soldier in question.

    There was a clasp issued for the 39-45 star for the Battle of Britain and in 2013 a Bomber Command clasp was also issued after a long campaign by veterans and their families.
    There were also three clasps for the Africa Star - one for men who served in theatre between 1942-43, one for men of the 8th Army and one for men of the 1st Army.
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    Medals: campaigns, descriptions and eligibility reading this web site then for the

    1939 - 1945 Star then there was clasps but only for Battle of Britain and Bomber Command
    Italy Star - does not appear to be any clasps
    Defence Medal - does not appear to be any clasps
    War Medal - does not appear to be any clasps

    If you go to the base of the web link then there are contact details for the MOD Medal Office and they are probably the best people to answer your problem, having said that I note the date on the piece that talks about clasps it is dated [13 Feb 1949 to be exact] 1949, so perhaps it was something issued after WW2. Do you have the service records of your relative

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    Thanks both, Mum has three medals, the two stars and I can't remember the other one, but there should be another. I'll have to call round again to double check.
  7. Charjenks

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    Yes, we have his records, he was released on the 13/2/47 which is the same date as the stamp. So is the stamp just 'finalising' his service?
  8. Tricky Dicky

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    The stamp is 13 Feb 1949

    Can you upload his service records if you have them - thanks

  9. timuk

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    WW2 Stars and medals were not issued automatically, they had to be applied for. The date on the stamp will be the date of issue rather than any date relevant to his service.

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  10. Tricky Dicky

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    So that could just be the date he applied for/the medal office issued his entitlement - nothing more nothing less

  11. Charjenks

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    Thank you all for explaining that to me, many thanks.
  12. timuk

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    Quite correct, but for reference of others in the future:
    Oak leaf denoting a Mention in Despatches was worn on the War Medal ribbon.
    Laurel leaves denoting a Commendation for Brave Conduct was worn on the Defence Medal.

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