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    In a report about Radwinter Camp 180 there are the following sentences:

    "The camp is nissen hutted. In addition to the usual C.R.S. and Dental Centre, both of which are well equipped, six nissen huts are used for educational classes."

    It seems like it is probably 'medical', but does anyone know what 'C.R.S.' stands for?

    Thank you - best wishes.
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    Camp Reception Station


    Pastscape - Detailed Result: PRISONER OF WAR CAMP 56
    The site of a Second World War prisoner of war camp at Botesdale, known as Camp 56. This was a purpose-built, standard type camp. Common buildings and facilities at standard type camps included water towers, offices, officer's mess, a canteen, guard rooms, barrack huts, ablution blocks, cell blocks, a camp reception station (medical facility/hospital), a cookhouse, dining rooms, recreation rooms and living huts or tents. Camp 56 functioned as a German work camp where prisoners were sent to work as labourers on local farms. It could have been in use up until 1948. The camp has since been demolished and only the water tower remains.
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    EXCELLENT - thank you!
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    And there's me thinking they had a convenience store on camp run by the Cooperative Retail Society, as in our village. Silly me. Useful work by TD.

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