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    Came upon this photo of a Swordfish operating from RAF Maydown / HMS Shrike during the war. The station was used by FAA squadrons whilst not on board their ships. There was also a Anti submarine Tactical School. It is situated near Londonderry on the North coast of Northern Ireland. Another station Eglinton which was used by the FAA as a fighter station is also near by.

    the caption states it has been launched using some form of jet assist take off.

    An airborne Fairey Swordfish in flight, showing the position of the rockets used to assist the aircraft in take off. The Fairey Swordfish was operating from Royal Naval Air Station at Maydown in Northern Ireland. Note the radar dome mounted beneath the chin of the aircraft.

    860 Sqn stringbags parked up.


    Aerial shots of the airfield.




    744 Squadron Baracuda.


    Flyco Maydown 1945


    Alist of some of the squadrons based at Maydown/HMS Shrike.

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    Great photos and thread .:)
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    As seen in the previous post the 52nd fighter group were amongst many American squadrons to come to Northern Ireland. Here is a picture of Lt. Col. Wallace Fletcher MacGregor in his spitfire MK VB whilst stationed in N.Ireland. You can just see the 4th fighter squadron patch on his jacket. Also note what looks like an RAF type flying head gear. Rumour has it that the spits didnt last long as most of them were ground looped and crashed.




    I was wandering if anyone has a copy of the following book, if there is any mention of the squadrons time in N.Ireland.
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    Where does the 848 squadron data come from.

    I only ask because my father's naval records show him at Shrike with 848 between:

    26th Feb 1944 to 20th April 1944

    This being longer than your data suggests.

  5. skyhawk

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    The page with the squadron dates comes from the book
    "The Military Airfields Of Britain" series.
    Other sources state that 848 Squadron after leaving Maydown went to Manston and Thorney Island. Maybe a detachment was left at Maydown? Cant find any other specific information regarding this period.
    Best regards Robert.
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    Victor Goodman
    N. Ireland

    I am interested in the photo of the Swordfish aircraft on the WW2talk site. I am forming a booklet, for personal use, of the Eglinton and Maydown
    stations. I would be grateful for any help in acquiring a good copy of the aircraft in question. No more than four copies of the booklet would be produced
    Many thanks
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    Hi Victor,
    I unfortunately have no pictures of Swordfishes.
    My father, Hans Lips a Dutch pilot in 869 sqd, was based at Maydown in the period 44-45.
    He flew Swordfishes from MAC's Gadila and Argus and patrolled the area.
    I am trying to find information of the operations in that period and how life was for the pilots at Maydown. I also am interested to get information on any hospitals that were used in that period. My father and (English) mother (ATS Pte, Joan Irene Wilson), met each other in hospital where my father was treated for a broken hand after a motorcycle crash.
    I have my father's log book and can share information on flights if you are interested.
    I look forward to any information you might want to share.
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    Hi Peter,
    Only reading this just now. I would be very interested in exchanging information about 860 Squadron. Would you have a means of contacting you, like LinkedIn as I don't really want to put my personal email address in this forum ( en eventueel in het nederlands) ? Thanks.
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    If you open your profile page you can send any member a 'conversation' which is private between you

  10. FvdP

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    Thanks for the tip and your help. Will do so.
    Cheers, Fedor

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