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    I have been asked to assist in trying to find the service number for a Maurice Bond, formerly of the Coldstream Guards. Detail is a little scant unfortunately, but we do know that he served in Egypt in the 1950's. We do not know if he had seen service during WW2.

    Searching through the GSM Medal Rolls for Palestine 1945-48, I have found a L/Cpl. M. Bond, but I have feeling this man would be too old, apart from the fact that his initial might not stand for Maurice. I am aware that there is a Maurice Bond on Ancestry who died in 2009. Photographs from his home page suggest Armed Forces service in the Middle East, but once again no definite connection can be made to the above soldier.

    A bit vague this one. Are there any routes than can be taken to track down a service number to this Regiment? Any suggestions would be most welcome.

    Many thanks

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    So no idea of his rank, age, date of birth, married, etc etc - often there is more detail but people dont provide 100% of what they have - just saying following a trial over the weekend of a similar case but in fact there was more detail available

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    I’ve done a word search for “Bond” in Crichton’s 1946/70 Regimental History but no Maurice Bond unfortunately.

    If you have a post service place of residence your best bet would be contacting the local branch of The Old Coldstreamers (Coldstream Guards Association).

    The Coldstream Guards Association



    Looking at the list of branches there appears to have been some shrinkage ie Liverpool Branch no longer listed. Probably in line with Regimental downsizing of the past 25 years and the passing of the WW2 and National Service generations.


    Several branches have Facebook pages.
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    No, thats all the details available TD.
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    Thanks Steve. I was thinking along the Old Comrades route myself. Cheers for the link.

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