Maunsell Forts

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    I think it is a good project to keep these items protected and keep them from falling apart
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    in front of East End at Island of Sheppey, one can see 9 shipwrecks, looks like a man made one, did it maybe had something to with WOII, found also interesting link about the USS Richard montgomery
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    It there a Maunsell sea fort thought thread already?
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    It there a Maunsell sea fort thought thread already?

    There is indeed, threads merged.
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    I'm surprised that the 'Army' ran them , I would have thought that the 'Navy' would be the arm that was in charge , with the logistics involved supplies of Ammo , food and personel movements etc. keeping it 'in house ' so to speak , not a situation than any Army CO would want having to request services from another 'Arm' and all the paperwork involved ,

    My understanding is that if it didn't move, it was considered a fort and thus belonged to the Army. The only piece of real estate the Navy would consider as theirs was a base for resupply of the fleet.
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    Hi, just joined this site and searching for Thames related posts and saw this one. I live in what was East End Lane on Isle of Sheppey. The wrecks you mention were the Kent side of the Shoeburyness Defence Boom guarding the entrances to the Thames and Medway channels. The Essex side was wooden post style barrier out across the sands/mud and the Kent side mostly scuttled barge type closer to beach. Submarine nets were stretched across the Channel between these points and opened an closed as required. The Montgomery wreck is just to the west of the Boom and a little to close to my house for comfort. ...... here on Sheppey we don’t like to use the words Boom and Montgomery in the same sentence
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    Thanks Clive. Here’s a photo from 1999, trawling the Medway Channel. Two eras of ammunition in one haul. One c.1667 Anglo Dutch War and one WW2 courtesy of SS Richard Montgomery.

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