Maunsell Forts

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    I'm sure I remember seeing these (The nearest one) when I spent many a summer school holiday on the Isle of Sheppey when I was younger.

    Interesting see the pictures inside...They would make a great home....No next door neighbours to complain about the noise :lol:

    Cheers for posting.
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    seeing them connected up by walkways makes them easier to understand, not seen the photo before.

    some interesting things about!
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    A very interesting subject to see and not well publicised.

    Great thread to read and the photographs bring it to life.

    I can imagine during poor weather the occupants were literally marooned.

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    I used to visit a company just outside Whitstable and once when I had some spare time went into the tourist ofgfcie there and got a booklet for about £2 called the Maunsell Sea Forts by F R Turner...ISBN 01 901132-06-4...they were designed by Guy Maunsell.....hope this is of use....
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    One of those forts were used by a Pirate Radio Station as far as I know. Do we not have a thread on this already - I'll have a goo!
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    Yes, and one became the principality of Sealand, but I thought I'd stick to WW2 details.

    Here's a link to an incident when the Tongue Fort was conducting AA firing practice, and killed a young lad in Westgate;

    Thanet coast life: A Westgate wartime incident
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    My god !,,, imagine being 'posted/ volunteered' to one these! imagine it in winter
    in a north sea gale ! standing too or on watch , waiting for an enemy Aircraft to cross your path ! does any forum member have any personel accounts of being stationed on one of these ? or was it like a 'Penal Battery'
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    Anybody know what they look like inside?

    Just had a look on google images but I don't trust the sources. They could be anything.
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    There were also 3 of these forts in Liverpool Bay. There was a 3 part book on the forts published in 1996 called The Maunsell Sea Forts but for some reason I never got part 1.
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    late again I give up!
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    Precursor the oil rigs
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    I'm surprised that the 'Army' ran them , I would have thought that the 'Navy' would be the arm that was in charge , with the logistics involved supplies of Ammo , food and personel movements etc. keeping it 'in house ' so to speak , not a situation than any Army CO would want having to request services from another 'Arm' and all the paperwork involved ,
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