Matildas on Crete (ATB 175)

Discussion in 'North Africa & the Med' started by Orwell1984, May 15, 2017.

  1. Orwell1984

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    Just picked up this issue and it has a great article on British armour on Crete.

    Definitely worth it for Matilda fans or those with an interest in Crete.
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  2. Jonathan Ball

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    Agreed, it's an excellent article. This is an additional photo not featured in the article from the Greece at WW2 FB group. One of the two abandoned Matilda Tanks at Maleme Airfield.

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  3. KevinT

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    Hi Jonathan,

    That is Matilda GREEN LOANING. I have not seen that photo before. Nice one!


    Kevin Green Loaning Matilda Mk II 2.jpg.png Green Loaning Matilda Mk II.jpg
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