Match ME Bf110 to Oblt. Fritz Lau, Anyone?

Discussion in 'The War In The Air' started by Barry L, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. Barry L

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    Just a hopeful query, but can anyon direct me on how to find out the registration of the ME Bf110 Nightfighter as flown by Oblt. Fritz Lau, of N.J.G.1/II Gruppe, based at Arnhem (I think)?

    Could his aircraft have been code-lettered "A + T", serial no' "160616", I wonder? If not, then how can I find out, please?

    I ask for two reasons: A friend has built a model bearing this code & number - straight from the box - and it just so happens that the pilot who shot down & killed my Great Uncle (78 Sqdn Halifax LK762 EY-Z) was a certain Herr Lau... Just looking to connect the dots, that's all...

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  3. Barry L

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    Wow! Many thanks, Kyle - very much appreciated! :salut: ;)

    That one only describes the bF110 that he was shot down in, in 1943, though - he was wounded, it apperas, but returned to flying duties soon enough to shoot down my Great Uncle...

    I'll join that forum & e-mail Matti, to see what else he might be able to uncover; many thanks for the lead, though! ;)
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  5. Barry L

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    Cheers, too, Tom!

    Looks like Lau might not have been the cuplrit after all, if the time on his record is correct; a detail in "The Red Line" by John Nichols says that Lau almost mised everything that night due to re-fuelling delays to his Me110 - it states that he caught a laggard Halifax crewed by Australians on its return home - I'm sure my Uncle was crewing with Brits, so I'll have to go check now...

    Thanks, chaps! Tally-Ho!
  6. Barry L

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    Hi, all,
    Are there any 'specialists' on this forum who might be able to help me with a long shot, please?

    I'm seeking to build another scale-model action scenario (family history) in which Oblt Fritz Lau's BF110 will be depicted shooting at a Halifax bomber, and after much searching of the internet, I have yet to find any indication of the correct (or nearest) aircraft/squadron markings for his aircraft, c1944. The kit that I now have for the BF110 has a decal set for NJG1 in 1945, based in Gelsenkirchen - would that likely be the same squadron/Gruppen, etc.?

    I originally posted this request back in 2014 and received a couple of replies, neither of which proved useful, unfortunately - so I'm wondering if anyone else (who might since have joined this forum) might have the information.

    It is by no means definite that Fritz Lau was indeed the culprit, but for what I'm aiming to create, near enough will have to suffice. However, if anyone can help pin things down accurately, I'd be very grateful indeed!
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