Martin Bormann. The brown eminence - what happened to him?

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    good day smudger jnr,m,10th feb 2014, brown eminence-what happened to him.#9.thank you for your most informative link.nobody knows what least those who do are not telling.i would not be suprised if he many other german bosses lived the good life in argentina or some other south american state.but theres one consolation.they are all in hell now.i hope.regards bernard85
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  2. I need some clarification on this subject. I have a friend, who insist that Paul Manning's book, "Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile" is definitive proof that Bormann escaped Germany, and set up some kind of international network; etc. This same friend even insists that Bormann met with President Eisenhower and the Mossad. If that doesn't sound crazy enough, he also insists that Bormann was behind the JFK assassination, and that Dulles had nothing to do with it. This is utterly insane! Can someone out there please comment on this. Thank you.
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    Welcome to the forum, Wayne.

    Your friend is a nut. :)
  4. Thank you for your response! I agree. As I listened to this "friend," increasingly I began to wonder: What in the world is this? He based his entire views on Manning's book, as well as Harry Cooper's book; both of which look like some wild speculations with no hard evidence.
  5. I found out that this "friend," who I mentioned, claims that he did research for Cooper's book. This really makes me suspicious. I also found out that Cooper, himself, has some questionable associations:

    Neo-Nazis, Holocaust deniers, and far-right extremist politicians are close to Sharkhunters and its leader. Charles Ellis, who serves on the group’s advisory board and accompanies Cooper on many of the “patrols,” is a former member of the National Alliance, once America’s leading neo-Nazi group. In an interview with extreme-right radio host Jeff Rense, whose network hosts former Klan leader David Duke’s radio program, Cooper referred to leading Holocaust denier and anti-Semite Willis Carto as a close friend. And Duke himself is another “dear friend” of Cooper and the Sharkhunters, who, according to the Sharkhunters log for its 2009 trip to Austria, drove across Bavaria to visit with participants.

    Cooper is popular with the radical right in Europe as well. The Sharkhunters met frequently with Austrian politician Jorg Haider, leader of the Austrian Freedom Party, before Haider’s death in 2008. In addition to his overt racism and anti-Semitism, Haider was also roundly criticized for making pro-Nazi comments. In an unexpected twist, Haider was killed in a car crash after leaving a gay bar, a fact that Cooper refuses to acknowledge, preferring instead to insist that his right-wing friend was the victim of a government assassination plot.

    Less well-known associates of Cooper include Rigolf Henning, a far-right, anti-Semitic German politician who accompanied Cooper on a 2009 trip to Argentina. Another is Manfred Roeder, who has been classified by the German government as a right-wing terrorist and whose home in Bavaria is a frequent stop for the summer solstice celebrations held by the Sharkhunters. Actress Michele Renouf, a vocal Holocaust denier, also frequents these solstice celebrations. A particularly jarring picture on the Sharkhunters site shows her, Cooper, Roeder and a young Russian woman named Anna who was wearing a shirt emblazoned with “Skinheads Deutschland.”

    Cooper has disingenuously claimed that his group is “nonpolitical,” but the facts belie that. He has repeatedly run ads for Sharkhunters in anti-Semitic publications like National Christian News, whose tagline is “Talmudism is Treason!” He has also advertised in GANPAC Brief, long run by now deceased SS member Hans Schmidt, and The Spotlight , one of Carto’s anti-Semitic publications. Sharkhunters has included such members as Leni Reifenstahl, the Nazi filmmaker whose house Cooper boasts of repeatedly visiting, and Leon DeGrelle, a notorious Belgian former member of the SS. And Cooper is a member of Board of Contributing Editors of The Barnes Review , the world’s leading Holocaust denial journal.
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    Wayne they are all loonies and sadly due to our democratic nature they are allowed to spew their opinion and nonsense ideas
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    You oppose anti democratic groups, but are sad that democracy allows them free speech?
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    You know exactly what I mean
    "Sadly" means anti semitism is allowed to continue without being dealt with

    Simple really
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    Their anti-democratic views are not the primary reason to oppose them (though it's on the list); it's more their desire to repeat a process of industrialised genocide and murder their political opponents along with anyone else they judge inferior.

    Call me a softy, but that wouldn't be acceptable even with a clear democratic mandate.
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  11. “One of the greatest advantages of the totalitarian elites of the 1920's and 1930's was to turn any statement of fact into a question of motive.”― Hannah Arendt, "The origins of Totalitarianism"
  12. “One of the greatest advantages of the totalitarian elites of the twenties and thirties was to turn any statement of fact into a question of motive.”― Hannah Arendt, "The Origins of Totalitarianism" Indeed, if you really want to see where folks line up, regardless of political and religious affiliations, just ask them what they think about Israel and the Jewish people. This is an excellent barometer to test the waters. Replacement theology, (originally called supecessionism), is the foundation for much of what we see today.
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  13. Here is more of what my "friend" has said on this subject: (Remember, I do not agree with him, and I let him know that)--

    "I do not make it up. As to Hitler and Bormann; Hitler escaped? I have listened to the witnesses in the areas where he stayed in Patagonia. IKE said no one had any evidence of his death. So did Stalin. Stalin believed that the USA made a deal with the Nazis to gain access to the uranium. Stalin said that. Not me but the head of the Russian war machine.

    We know that Bormann cashed checks on Chase Bank in NYC until 1961 Just after the April secret society speech on the 27th of that month.

    We have witnesses of the meetings between Bormann and Peron. We also have the transcript of the co-pilot of the plane that took Hitler to Norway on the 26th of April [I would have to look that up to be sure but it was a day or so before the fake death.

    We have the report of the U-Boat landing in Argentina. The FBI reports from the JFK file. And other reports by the FBI. Note it was the FBI, not the CIA as they were a part of the trade."

    I would really like to hear some informed feedback from folks who really do know the story here. Thank you!
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    tell him know it is total bollocks

    next stop
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  15. I agree. But I would also like to see documentation which refutes this guy's theory. Much of what he knows comes from Paul Manning's book, "Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile" and Harry Cooper's book, "Hitler in Argentina;" which he claims to have done research for.
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    Do excuse me for asking but you are not the" friend" are you
    call me cynical
    But we have deniers and the like pass by once in a while
  17. No, I am definitely NOT the "Friend." This individual is not really a friend, but I have referred to him on this posting as such. I should have just said he is an acquaintance. Sorry about this confusion.
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    dug this old thread up from many years ago
    died in Berlin in 1945
    Martin Borman Question

    Now if your asking about Elvis he is in the local chip shop
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    This link from forum member Smudger Jnr

    The Escape Route of Martin Bormann

    In December, 1972, during construction near the Lehrter Station (near to where Bormann's diary had been found in a discarded leather jacket in 1945, and close to the spot where Axmann said he had seen Bormann's body in the moonlight of that fatal night) two skeletons were unearthed. After extensive forensic examination, using the dental records of Bormann's dentist (Prof. Hugo Blaschke, who was also Hitler's dentist) the shorter of the two skeletons was identified as that of Martin Bormann, and West German authorities officially declared him dead
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  20. I would really like to have some feedback on this: This guy, who I previously referred to as "friend"-(i.e., really acquaintance), is of the mind that from 1945 to 1948, many Nazis left Europe, (particularly S.S.), and that Martin Bormann cut a deal with the USA for much needed uranium, for the atomic bomb. And that Bormann,, had a huge amount of cash, diamonds, gold, and interest in 750 corporations. And George Soros is a front man for them. This same guy, who makes this bizarre claim, says that he worked for the CIA at one time; and that it was Bormann who was behind the JFK assassination, and that Dulles had nothing to do with it. For myself, his whole story defies all credible, honest, and sane historical research. I cannot help but wonder if: A.) He is just a real wing-nut; B.) He is a paid smoke and mirrors misinformation agent; or C.) Both. ...What do you guys think?

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