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    1st step: attack from Antwerpen up Nord till Moerdijk and in the meantime you move your rightflank till the line Moerdijk - s'hertogenbosch - Eindhoven... Then consolidate! So you are still some distance from the Rhine. The Germands had the habit to blow their bridges at the very last minute... Realize also I have blowed the bridges at Arnhem and some others myself, so if Germans want to resuply their own troops in the 's Hertogenbosch - Eindhoven area then they can not effort to blow their Rhine bridges to resply their own troops...
    Stage 2: Take Antwerp ! Shorters lines for resuply, and as your Northern flank is safe you can put almost all your armour on a narrow front between 's Hertogenbosch en Eindhoven). Consolidate your position between 's hertogenbosch and Eindhoven, resply, rest for troops in the back.
    The Germands will hopefully put more troops in the line but you are then in a much better position. Realise that the whole Canadian force can be used right after Antwerpen has liberated...
    Stage 3:- Attack with overwelming power in the direction of the Rhine and after you have broken through with your superiour force in Armour you lance the airborne drop. Realise that you now have two Airborne Corps...
    Even if the Germands did blow the Rhine bridges - that is always the risk (that was also at Nijmegen and Arnhem the case) then you have still an extra airborne corps in reserve to strenghten your bridgehead, to make it large enough to make a bridgehead and just build some bridges...

    The troop carriers have to fly as far as they did during operation Varsity... actially I would carry out Varsity, only 5 months earlier...
    And with making airfiels in France sooner available... you can make more Lifts on one day.
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    i refuse to take part in your computer games lesson,on what some old german general said on the world at war.go to the games part of ww2 talk,you will enjoy it there,im sure.
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    can we stick to the units,dispositions,and the general theme of operation market garden,without turning right near eindhoven,waiting for antwerp to open,when speed and chasing the germans were what was required.anyway,im off to get my compression bandage done.lee.

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    So you only want questions being asked on this forum of which you can find the answerds in books... ?

    If have put a lot of points of discussion in my theory, maybe you can answer them..
    Or pich one out to start with !

    Was it not a stuppid thing to do for Horrocks not to close the escape route of 15 Army?

    Was Monty only foccussed on the Rhine ?

    Was the advance in the northern direction into Holland (poor country for a mechanised force) the right direction to advance to?

    If Arnhem had been succesful the Allied forces were to move North to the Zuiderzee... cutting the Germans from the Fatherland... What would have happened to the Dutch population (during the winter many lost their lives because of starvation... If Arnhem had been succesfull this would have resulted in Authum and Winter... How many people would have been lost their lives then ?

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