Marjorie Joy, SA WAAF > RAF Egypt, Mentioned in Despatches

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    Marjorie was my mother-in-law, and according to a family story, RAF personnel were evacuated from Egypt due to the AXIS advance led by Rommel (so I guess this was mid 1942).

    Marjorie volunteered to stay behind to destroy documentation, and subsequently was mentioned in despatches, along with the 10 other ladies in the photo below.

    The following names accompany this photo, but unfortunately one name is missing from the back row.
    Back row l-to-r:-
    F/Sgt M.Joy, A/Cpl A.J.Davel, A/Cpl M.L.Longmaid, A/Sgt K.Shorey, F/Sgt M.F.Donald

    Front row l-to-r:-
    F/Sgt C.Hyam, Lt A.Williams, Major M.A.Smith, Lt D.L.McDonald, A Sgt E.M.Elsie

    I'm posting this in case its of interest to anyone who may recognise a relative.


    I guess Marjorie is receiving her bronze Oak Leaf in this photo;
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