Margaret Elizabeth DENYS-BURTON, ATS

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    W/52537 - Private

    Margaret Elizabeth DENYS-BURTON
    Auxiliary Territorial Service

    Joined the ATS early 1941, Ballymena, Northern Ireland

    Born: March 1921, Dublin, Ireland

    Died: September 1955, Tripoli, Libya

    Appears to have been posted to Derby for most of the war. Would like to know the following:

    1. "mustered into the trade of S.B.O. Group 'D' Class III"
    - what S.B.O. is?

    2. "posted from 'F' Coy. D.S.D. Gp. ATS to 'H' Coy. D.S.D. Gp. ATS"
    - any idea what D.S.D. Gp. ATS is?

    3. was admitted to both 'Borough Isolation Hospital' (Derby, December 1941) and 'Craiglockhart Hospital' (Edinburgh, mid 1945).
    - does anyone know more about these places? I currently understand that Craiglockhart Hospital was not a hospital during WW2, but owned by the Society of the Sacred Heart and used as a convent and teacher training school.
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    Tried running Craiglockhart Hospital through the Scottish National Archives website and come up with only one file reference which surprised me. I did find a news article for you though. Just found another searching her surname name.

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    Thanks amberdog45. Very interested in the Norwegian article. I'll email you shortly. Thanks again. db

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