Marcelle Bouyer - Angel of the 29th Infantry Division

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    This woman does not even have a Wikipedia entry and I hope to put that right, so if anyone has any additional info on what appears below then please do post it in the thread. Date and place of birth, date of death and life post-war. Anything at all!

    Battle of Brest, 7th August - 19th September 1944. Marcelle Bouyer, a 15 year old French girl who attached herself to, and was adopted by, the 2nd bn of the 115th Regiment and served with them as a Combat nurse for the whole battle and then moved with the Regiment all the way into Germany. Eventually senior Divisional offficers became uneasy about having such a young woman serving with the forward elements and had her returned to France. But the men never forgot her, or what she did. Ray Moon, a veteran of the fighting, said that she had no fear and that she never even flinched when under fire. Years later, Ray Moon and fellow veterans began a search for her, but she had married and was no longer living under the name Bouyer. Eventually she was found, and amazed by all the fuss over something that had happened so very long ago. Here she is again in 1995 with, from left to right, Warren Fink, Marcelle, Wayne Rankin and Ray Moon! If you look close enough you'll see in her right hand she is holding a photo of her younger self that she had not seen until that moment.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Thanks for that TD, it appears to be a French version of what I've already posted though!

    Seems like not many people have heard of this woman... that needs fixing!
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    Maybe the French remember her better than others do, hence there does seem to be quite a bit about her on French sites, which I have not posted here, perhaps try

    Heres hoping you fix it


    There is mention at the bottom of the link re Life - I am wondering if there is perhaps an article on her in that magazine??
    Marcelle Bouyer
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