Maps of Northern Europe, mainly Germany (Wellcome Library)

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    Strait of Dover 1:500,000 R.A.F. (War)

    Central Europe 1:400,000 Sheet 19

    Namur France and Belgium 1:50,000 Sheet 78

    Marche Belgium & N.E. France 1:100,000

    Namur-Luxembourg North west Europe 1:250,000

    Schwerin Europa 1:300,000

    Schwerin Germany 1:250,000 Army/Air Sheet M54

    Namur Belgium & N.E. France 1:100,000 Sheet 12

    Marche Belgium & N.E. France 1:100,000 Sheet 13

    Lengerick Osnabruck Germany 1:50,000 Sheet 95 & 125

    Wellcome Library | Maps of northern Europe, mainly Germany
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  2. brithm

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    I found some these maps helpful for the Ardennes in particular when I was looking for Tellin, Bure & Grupont. First time I have seen them on a battle map.
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    Thanks for posting. Will have a look on my laptop when I can.
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    Fourth to last map, the six maps taped together [Dingden/Germany 1:25,000 map] shows Hamminkeln & Dierforther Forest.

    Covers 6th Airborne Division's LZs & DZs.

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    Excellent. I’m fairly certain I’ve got the 1944 versions of the Hamminkeln area, don’t have a decent copy of the bottom sheet that covers the US areas down to Wesel (which looks like it’s in there) so, many thanks.

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