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    My grandad recently passed away he was in the 52nd lowland division in signals we found German maps rather alot of them I don't know if they are worth anything or whether they will just hold centimental value I am not looking at selling them but I dont know if they had a particular value to themI have alot of photos of Germany during and after that I am going to upload soon so if anybody can help with those aswell that's old be grateful
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    Welcome Hobi

    please post and I am sure forum members will be able to add further information

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    He was in the 52nd in the war but stayed on after the war with 1st corp signals but he used to tel, us small bits while in the war but never to much and mentioned nothing about after the war.

    We have found a couple of things out after the war he was based in iserjohn please excuse the spelling were he also started up a band in the lagoon bar but that's as much as we know

    His name was Leslie Marriott

    If anybody knows any more info it would be fantastic to find out more
  4. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

  5. Hobi12

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    Thank you will certainly look into it
  6. Hobi12

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    just done some pictures that i found if anybody can help in the wereabouts they are or who they are it would be a great help

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  7. Hobi12

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    emmerich repeaters does anybody know what this translates to please

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  8. Aixman

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    Emmerich is a German city near the Dutch Border. Repeaters should be signals stuff (range extending).

  9. Mike L

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    Hi Hobi and welcome. Thanks for posting the pictures - keep them coming!
    Picture 5, is that a telephone exchange?
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    Quite a bit of battle damage to the building in the third pic.

    Great photos!
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    Have edited threads title as 'maps' was a tad vague.
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    some more pics

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    Dear Hobi:

    Thanks for kindly putting up the photographs.

    I, too, was in 52 (Lowland) Division, also known as the 52 Mountain Division as we trained in the Scottish Highlands for high altitude warfare. However, I was in one of the infantry battalions and 52 Div Signals would provide wireless communication to link us to our Infantry Brigade Headquarters. I knew a number of the lads who used to be attached to us and have peered closely but do not recognised any them in the photographs.

    Being in the Royal Signals was a very important, indeed vital, job during the War. I was only an infantry signaller and our wireless sets were not so powerful in range but doing what we did we gave everyone the best chance to defeat the enemy and survive the battle. When the Royal Signals lads were with us they were in the midst of the action. Look at my website where there is a special section at the end about the role of the Signaller.

    Best regards,

    Joe Brown
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    Hi mr brown
    Thank you so much started to read it and kept me captivated but as I'm in work had to stop but will carry on reading it's so descriptive that you can only imagine what you all went through I do have more photos but I think they were more after the war than during the war then again I shouldn't imagine there was many opportunities to take many photos during that difficult time

    Thanks again

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    Hi Hobi and welcome. Thanks for posting the pictures - keep them coming!
    Picture 5, is that a telephone exchange?
    It looks very much like a strowger telephone exchange.
  16. Hobi12

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    hi sorry its been a bit just going to post a few more bits not sure if this is the best place for it but will post anyway and could someone possibly translate the doc thats on here aswell i also managed to find what looks to be a german school report i have no idea were my gramps got this stuff from so if you can help that would be fantastic

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    sorry not been on for a while i have posted some maps that i found and theres loads more stuff will try and post more over the coming days i hope you enjoy please tell me what you think i have some books aswell that i will post im not sure what they are other than they are german one of the books that i do know is the mein kampf that is signed

    mor ephotos to follow

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  18. Hobi12

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    here are some more and these are the books that i found aswell if anybody has any information on them it would be much appreciated

    thank you

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  19. Hobi12

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    i have put a collection of some of the pictures i have got all the help is massively supportive and if any body can help i thank you now also let me know what you think of them so far
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    Hi Hobi12. Thanks for posting photographs. My Dad was in 1 Corps Signals from January 1944. You mentioned the band at the Lagoon bar in a previous posting.What was the year he started the band at the bar? If it was 1945/6 then he almost certainly entertained my dad. Please see the attached photograph of my dad, Harold Heard in late 1945 or early 1946. This bar may have been in Iserlohn.

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