Map reference help..Nijmegen, Bedburg, Rees.. for a veteran's return

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    I'm planning to take my 94 year old father back to the Nijmegen/Kleve/Goch area next month to re-visit some of the route he took in 1945. He was an RAMC medic with 35FDS. According to the War Diaries, his unit was attached to various other units around this time, including 3 and 10 CCS. Also 6 Cdn CCS

    Various location references are mentioned in the diary, and I wonder if anyone can help me locate, or point me the direction of a source of help for the following please? Many thanks.

    Hospital at Marionboon/Marienbosch Nijmegen 101200A

    ?same site as above? Marionburg 721599

    Field 693596

    Jonkersbosch 689594 in he text it mentions Jonker bosch hospital

    Bedburg (Bedburg-Hau, I presume) MR 9252 106600A Block FD

    Mook Convent MR E 717523

    Grave airstrip 6252

    Grave 6753

    Rees - field 085533

    Operation Plunder- assault crossing - CEP A 033534, 038523, 055523, 093514
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    Hello Lindap,

    You may find this guide useful, although it is quite technical in places:

    From one of the examples you gave, E 717523, the 'E' prefix refers to the map sheet within a block of 100km by 100km. The numbers 717523 then denote an easting of 717, and a northing of 523. Easting being how far east across the map and northing being how far up the map. It's possible that those grid references given without a prefix refer to locations on the same map for previous entries close in time.

    This 'translator' system can help you work out modern lat and long for British WW2 grid refs:

    You would have to do a fair amount of legwork identifying the correct prefix for each block but with the resources above and some furtling on Google Earth or similar it should be quite possible to get modern locations for these grid refs.

    Good luck!

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    Thank you both for your helpful advice..will explore all your suggestions..many thanks

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    I have arranged with Linda to show her and her father around in the area next September.

    Unfortunately I am somewhat unfamiliar with the phenomenon of a FDS. Does anyone have further details on the 35 FDS unit or the units it was attached to (see post #1).

    I for instance would like to know which unit a FDS was attached to, was it a division or Corps?
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    I'll send you a copy of the war diaries Stolpi so you can prep
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    Ps PM me your postal name and address to ship the DVD to.
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    Drew - your DVD arrived today, thanks a lot, your help is much appreciated.

    It transpires that the 35 FDS was a 30 Corps medical unit which specialized in Psychiatric (severe cases of battle exhaustion that could not be treated at Divisional level) and V.D.-cases (!?).
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    As requested.

    War Establishment II/301/1. August 1944
    Heavy Section
    Major, Officer Commanding
    2 X Major, Captain or Lieutenant
    Subaltern, non medical

    staff Serjeant
    serjeant clerk
    serjeant dispenser
    serjeant hospital cook
    2 X serjeant nursing orderly
    serjeant nursing orderly for duty as storeman for stewards store.

    hospital cook
    lance corporal nursing orderly
    12 X nursing orderly
    2 X ambulance nursing orderly
    nursing orderly as barber
    3 X nursing orderly as batman
    2 X corporal general duties
    lance corporal general duties
    corporal passive air defence and anti gas duties
    private passive air defence and anti gas duties
    lance corporal linen storeman
    corporal pack storeman
    stewards storeman
    sanitary dutyman
    water dutyman

    carpenter and joiner RE
    15 X driver IC RASC
    electrician RASC
    motorcyclist RASC
    transport serjeant RASC
    transport corporal RASC
    corporal vehicle mechanic RASC
    2 X cook ACC

    Total 78

    2 X bicycle
    2 X motorcycle
    1 X car 2seater 4 X 2
    1 X car 4seater 4 X 2
    1 X 15cwt water
    7 X 3ton 4 X 2 GS
    2 X ambulance 4 stretcher.

    The Medical Officers are listed as Surgeons in the War Establishment Table.
    When the unit forms part of a Mountain Division the ambulances will be 2 stretcher 4 X 4 light ambulances instead of 4 stretcher 4 X 2 heavy ambulance.

    Motorcycle 1
    transport serjeant
    Motorcycle 2

    Car 2seater 4 X 2
    driver IC
    Car 4seater 4 X 2
    driver IC

    15cwt water
    water dutyman, driver IC

    3ton 4 X 2 GS 1
    driver IC
    Carries mechanical stores, quartermaster stores and personnel
    3ton 4 X 2 GS 2
    driver IC
    Carries mechanical stores, quartermaster stores and personnel
    3ton 4 X 2 GS 3
    driver IC
    Carries mechanical stores, quartermaster stores and personnel
    3ton 4 X 2 GS 4
    driver IC
    Carries mechanical stores, quartermaster stores and personnel
    3ton 4 X 2 GS 5
    driver IC
    Carries baggage and personnel
    3ton 4 X 2 GS 6
    driver IC
    Carries cooks and rations
    3ton 4 X 2 GS 7
    driver IC
    Carries artificers, personnel and tools.

    Ambulance 4 stretcher.
    nursing orderly, driver IC
    Ambulance 4 stretcher.
    nursing orderly, driver IC

    Light Section
    Major, Captain or Lieutenant
    serjeant nursing orderly
    corporal nursing orderly
    5 X nursing orderly
    general dutyman
    4 X stretcher bearer
    driver IC
    cook ACC

    Total 16

    1 X 3ton 4 X 2 GS

    Note that Field dressing Stations were also allocated on the scale of one per corps.

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