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  1. pierce09

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    Does anyone have access to any Nominal or Troop Rolls for the Manchester Regiment for around 1940/41 with the exception of the 1st Bttn out in Singapore?? (the person i'm searching for was almost certainly not with the 1st at this time)

    any help would be great.

  2. pierce09

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    Update. I've possibly narrowed it down to the 6th Bttn, then the 1st Bttn when they renumbered in 1943.

    is there any such thing as a regimental nominal roll?
  3. Drew5233

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    Hi, that's some wait (nearly five years). You could get the answer you want in around 4 to 8 weeks from his service records if you applied for a copy.
  4. pierce09

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    I'm not a NOK sadly. only a great nephew. And i've been stationed in the US so that made a few things a bit more difficult.
    Once I'm off my course, i'll be finding the nearest NOK to request it though
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    if you give the name im sure forum members can find a tad more for you.

    You can apply for a copy of someone else’s service records if any of the following apply:

    • you’re their immediate next of kin, for example their spouse or parent
    • you’ve got consent from their immediate next of kin
    • you have a general research interest - you’ll only have access to limited information, unless they died more than 25 years ago
    Get a copy of military service records: Apply for the records of someone who's deceased - GOV.UK

  6. pierce09

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    3535131 Pte James A Viner. I had a thread a long time ago with his details.

    I've pretty much failed in any further knowledge and i'll only find out details once i get his service records i think.

    painfully, i actually only wanted to know his Battalion. anything like Coy details would be a major bonus. I'm hoping service records have this info.

    thanks for the support though Clive.
  7. Owen

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  8. Drew5233

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    If it was me, I'd apply as the NOK with you being a relative.

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