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    Hi you did see any medals for a gentleman called Pte Edwin Jaskson service number 3524261 I would love to see any photos if you did. I have the paper work from the museum saying they have the medals.
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    Sorry Vespa, seemed to have missed him, what was he awarded?
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    Hi on the paper it says 7 medals,general service medal with Palestine bar, 1939/45 star, Pacific star, Defence,1939,45 war medal and a L.S.G.C and a shooting medal I found the paper work in a bunch of photos I brought last week
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    The pride of place in the exhibition is the Forshaw VC from WW1, This was purchased in 1964 not by the regiment (as stated in the Museum of the Manchesters) but by a subscription from the officers. The majority of the funds coming from former Honorary Colonel HS (Harry) Stern and the (then) current Hon Col, Col J E Rogerson. It was bought for a world record price of £1150. Only £1,000 had been raised prior to the auction and the last amount was only hurriedly found with a little diffculty. In those days you could be a new E Type Jaguar for that sort of money.

    My father was Col Rogerson and he did the bidding. Interestingly the medal is on loan to what was Ashton Under Lyne Town council until such time as the 9th reforms!
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