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    Hi there I know this isn’t WW2 material as it’s a few years after but very relevant as Malaya/Malasia was a very Dangerous and hostile place at the time The Malayan Emergency (Malay: Darurat Malaya) was a guerrilla war fought in the Federation of Malaya from 1948 until 1960. The conflict was between Commonwealth armed forces and pro-independence fighters of the Malayan National Liberation Army (MNLA), the military wing of the Malayan Communist Party (MCP). The war was fought over attempts by communist forces to gain independence for Malaya from the British Empire

    My Father John Grasby was Stationed in Malaya/Malasia as C.Q M. S and then R.Q.M.S. Of the 1st Bn Green Howards 1948-1952 his wife my mother and my sister joined him in Malasia in 1950 they sailed on the S/S Empire Orwell from Southampton to Singapore on the 22nd November 1950 they then travelled onto Malasia I am posting my Mothers Boarding Card and my Birth Registration as I was born in Malasia in Dec 1951

    I also have a load of Boarding Cards of other Passenger’s they are mainly Wife and Children being Reunited with their Husbands/Fathers they are all from the same date and the same Ship and same Destination as my Mothers

    I am posting the names of most of the other Passenger’s, if any one recognises any Relative on the list and want a copy please let me Know and I will Either post the complete Boarding Card online or Email it if preferred


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    I'm assuming you've seen it all, but I have some material on the Green Howards in Malaya.

    Off the top of my head:
    • The Green Howards newsletter 'retrospective' on the conflict.
    • A bit of a wonky digital copy of the official history for Malaya.
    • Links (I think) to the veterans' interviews at IWM.
    • The battalion 'War Diaries' (such as they are) for 1949 to 55.
    • A memoir entitled "A Musket for the King" by Leslie Ives, who served with the battalion.
    My point of interest is that the unit was based for some time in Tampin, Negri Sembilan alongside (at points) 26 Field Regt R.A. (who were fighting as infantry, not gunners). My grandfather's battery (54 "Maharajapore" Battery) was detached from 25 Field Regt R.A. in Hong Kong and sent over on attachment to 26 Field for 1950 to 51. I have two separate albums of photos from men who were in Tampin and elsewhere for this period.

    Do you have anything at all relating to their time in Tampin?
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    No I don't have any thing relating to Tampin and I have to admit I don' know much about Malaya the country I was born in that's bad I know
    What you wrote sounds great I haven't seen your Collection and would love to see it I'm crap at finding my way around sites do you have a link to your post on Malaya/Malasia or is it easy to find thanks for the message
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    My posts are... all over the show.

    Here's a great place to start (five interviews with your father's commanding officer and comrades):

    Family Soldiers: 1/4th Essex (WW2) & 25 Field Regiment R.A.(Post-War)

    I love listening to the old chaps talk. The battalion was one of the most effective units in the theatre at weeding out terrorists and patrolling the jungle. The only units that come to mind as having more successful records were probably a couple of the Gurkha battalions.

    If you could send me a private message ('conversation') with your email address, I can forward some good material to you over the coming days (bit busy). The newsletter I have is really quite a good overview and the official history in an excellent read (if I can find it!)

    Here's a preview:

    Screenshot 2020-08-15 at 01.49.34.jpg
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