Major William Mark Hewitt Royal Engineers

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    On Jan 16 2018 Member alanatabz requested info on the above person. I am his son, can I ask what the info. is required for ? I will obviously be able to help on possibly some of the info. you are looking for.

    Richard F Hewitt Son
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    I have written a book about WW2 in NE Scotland, At the time of writing I had been researching the minefield clearance on WW2 around the Scottish coast. I have copies of the War Diaries, copies of photos (held at RE museum in Kent) and general information. I have an image of Major Hewitt but the IWM never got back to me with a cost to use their image. The book is now published, I do know some facts like he was going to buy a pub/hotel in Fraserburgh, he was from Chesterfield, an Electrician before the war etc.

    I have now started my second book, and would like to do a bit of a more specific section in my book. Would you be willing to assist please?
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    Morning Alan,
    Yes would be pleased to help and give you further information . Can you contact me by e-mail on when I can arrange to talk to you directly. I will not be available to talk to you until 23rd August.

    Richard F Hewitt
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    Evening alanatabz I am now able to deal with any queries you might have about my late Father, please contact me by e-mail on
    Richard F Hewitt

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