Major Gordon R Webb 9th Btn 12th Frontier Force Regt - KIA 8 Jul 1944 - Would love some help!

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    Good evening guys

    Another of the guys I'm researching (for a local war memorial book) -

    EC/8119 Major Gordon Reginald Webb - 9th Btn, 12th Frontier Force Regt.

    The local book of remembrance gives the following detail -

    "Joined the Coldstream Guards in 1940, later obtained a commission and transferred to the Indian Army with rank of Captain and acted as adjutant for the Btn. Killed in action on the Burma front."

    I've filled in much of his prewar life detail etc but am having some difficulty finding out anything more regarding his service life, circumstances of death etc - can anyone help?

    Would be truly grateful, as always.

    Additional info - "recommended for commission in 1942 and went to India in the April. He gained his commission in the Indian Army, rising to the rank of Major."
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    Could his death have been earlier than the date given? Google Books finds a link to the 9/12th FFR in 'Battle Tales from Burma'
    by John Randle (a Baluch Regiment officer), to their involvement in a costly attacks on the Red Hill on 22nd May 1944, part of the battle for Imphal. The 9/12th FFR were part of the Corps Reserve.

    the account is reproduced on: Battle Of Red Hill 21 29 May 1944 From Allied Perspective By Rajeshwor Yumnam
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    From Condon's The Frontier Force Regiment:

    3 Oct 1943: Lt G R Webb - Transport Officer
    June-ish 1944: Maj Webb - OC B Coy (replacing(?) Maj Fraser who'd been shot on 22 May 1944)

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  4. brimacombe

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    Thanks so much Idler! - Does the book give any indication of their location?
  5. lionboxer

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    Litan north east of Imphal on the Ukhrul road. Team WW2 Imphal Campaign Foundation will see if we can find anything further for you.
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    Hi Brimacombe,
    Initial look up with Lionboxer found that Major Gordon was there at Chepu on 8th July 1944. Chepu is name of a village presently located in Manipur, India .The Japanese made 4 attempts that day to capture the feature overlooking the village. Its surprising why the grave Units never recover the bodies as the location is adjacent to a motorable road. Let me visit the village Chepu and enquire the villagers if they know any unmark cemetery of war time in their village.

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    This is the present Chepu village. The Original Chepu Village was located 2.5 Km North above the mountain.
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    On 22nd May, When Gordon was given the command of B company, they were fighting at Red Hill. Gordon Webb was Captain then. I was checking the war diary of 9/12 FFR.

  9. imphalcampaign

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    Major GR Webb rose from a Tpt officer in a short span of time. 1st Jan 1944, Officers situation shows he was a Tpt officer and was on leave. 1st Feb 1944, Officer's Situation report shows he was still a Tpt officer and was posted at Bn HQ. 1st March, 1944, he was shown as Lt and became Adjutant at Bn HQ. 1st April, still a Lt and Adjutant. 1st May, officers situation report shows he became a Captain and was the Adjutant. 22nd May, after Major WDS Fraser got wounded, he assume command of the company. 1st June he is shown as a Major and OC B Coy. Being an Adjutant, Captain G R Webb signed most of the administrative instructions. Below is one such document he has signed. Administrative Instruction.jpg

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    Sorry I forgot to thank you earlier davidfpo – I missed your comment.

    Lionboxer and Raj – I cannot thank you enough! What an amazing effort – I am so grateful.

    Raj – your offer to visit the village of Chepu is just above and beyond anything I would ever expect. It would be marvellous to be able to pinpoint Webb’s grave, or at least a possible candidate.

    Thanks again everyone!

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