Major Fred Tilston's Victoria Cross at the Hochwald

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    A 1985 interview with Major Tilston and several Essex veterans can be found at:

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    "Go down to the burn unit and you'll know how lucky you are"

    "Crying doesn't grow a new pair of legs"

    "We're lucky if there's anything less than death"

    What an amazing attitude. At a time when so many see themselves as victims, the gratitude, humility and sheer guts of these men never ceases to amaze.

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    There is some indication that the current Essex and Kent Scottish Regiment is working on a plaque or the like for Tilston's action at the Hochwald, to be placed before its' 75th anniversary in 2020.

    Henderson: Hochwald battle deserves a monument

    does anyone know more on this?
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    Already al long time ago people talked about a Frederick Tilston Monument near that place. First rumours i heard in 2016, but still no plague or monument. Will ask my German friends if they know something about this.

    To be continue....
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    Rather not ... it will only attract the wrong kind of people … who start rampaging around in the woods with metal detectors.
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    Bump - Today, March 1st, is the 75th anniversary of the action of the Essex Scottish at the Hochwald in which Major Tilston won a VC
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