Major Dennis Thatcher

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    Major Dennis Thatcher MBE, A L'ordre du Corps d'Armee.

    It seems that Major Dennis Thatcher was approved for the French Award of "A L'ordre du Corps d'Armee"

    I did not want to add this to the thread in the Barracks

    Please read files from the right for correct continuity.


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    Thanks for posting

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    Interesting. The Telegraph obituary says he was Mentioned in Dispatches twice. I can see from the medal card dated Sep 1945 that he was mentioned in the gazette on 11 Jan 1945. Does anyone know what this was for and what the other MID was for? -
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    It would appear that if there was a second MID, as mentioned in the Obituary, it was issued after the 14th February.

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    Paul thank you for the information


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