Maj. Barkworth's Hughes' report: 2nd SAS

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    Hi Guys,

    I am looking for the Hughes' report. it was a report written by 2 S.A.S.'s Intelligence Officer Major Barkworth about the Kommando Order, this information came from Lt. Quentin Jimmy Hughes of 2nd SAS, on his return from Italy as a POW to England from S.A.S. Operation Pomegranate.

    This was the first instance of the Kommando Order being reported, instigated by Hitler after three Commando raids, Operation Basalt being the last straw:

    Operation Chariot,St. Nazaire raid
    Operation Jubilee, Dieppe Raid
    Operation Basalt, raid on Sark by 62 Commando 'Small Scale Raiding Force'

    The report was Lt. Hughes' retelling his treatment in a hospital, being threatened by the Gestapo to be shot as a saboteur even though he was in uniform. He was spirited away from the hospital and returned to England in May 1944.

    The report was dismissed by 1st British Airborne Corps HQ and this would have an effect on the way British paratroopers of the S.A.S. and 6th Airborne Division would be trained for Operation Overlord for escape and evasion in France.

    Much later both the S.A.S. and the 6th Airborne Division would suffer losses of troops by being captured and shot out of hand by German captors.

    Would anybody have a copy of this report?

    Jimmy Hughes was an architect, went to Liverpool university and wrote his autobiography Who Cares Who Wins. There's a copy on Amazon.

    Quentin Jimmy Hughes Obituary

    Major Barkworth would investigate the Kommando order after the war and interview those who were involved in putting out the order.

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    I found this file at Kew WO 208/6856 on Operation Pomegranate, unsure if this is what is considered the Hughes' Report sent to British Airborne Corps warning of the Commando Order

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