MA/SB8 19th July 1940

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    Friday 19th July 1940
    HM MA/SB8 damaged after being attacked by German aircraft in the North Sea, off Aldeburgh with 2 OR killed.

    The casualties are possibly:

    FRANCIS, John, Able Seaman, D/JX 137299 (HMS Watchful)

    WOODWARD, Rodney T, Able Seaman, 2938 (HMCS Noibe) [RCN history 'No higher purpose' notes that one RCN sailor was killed after an MASB was strafed by a Bf110 in North Sea]

    Any ideas?


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    I knew we discussed this in an earler thread about 3 years ago now.
    1st Canadian Naval casualty of WW2
    An interesting discussion with some incorrect information reported but still interesting to read from beginning to end.
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    Hi Hugh,

    Thanks for that link, discussed at some length I see!

    Like you say the Royal Navies habit of recordkeeping was not designed to help later researchers, especially when it comes to personnel operating in smaller units or vessel.


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