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  1. chipm

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    I always thought the Carbine was a "fine" weapon with unrealized potential.
    It seems like The Allies already had the platform to create their own MP-44.
    I am not a weapons designer or a ballistics expert. But i would guess it would not have taken much more case capacity to transform The carbine into a more powerful rifle.?
    I was thinking a mere, additional, 1/4" - 1/2" of case length would have given the same bullet a new meaning.
    The Carbine, with more powder and full auto capability Would/Could have been an awesome rifle.
  2. Dave55

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    The .30 Carbine round wasn't too far behind the MP-44 round. The case was 7.62mm x 33mm compared to 7.92 x 33mm Kurz but the Kurz was a bottleneck with significantly greater volume than the carbine round. It also used a pointed bullet vs the round nose carbine.

    Winchester did design a new .224 bottleneck cartridge for the carbine in the mid fifties that goes right along with what you are talking about.

    The Contender: Winchester’s .224 Light Rifle

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  3. chipm

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    Oh Wow.....OK.
    You mean there is somebody smarter than me.? :)
    Anyway.....Thank You.
    I had never heard about that...very interesting
  4. davidbfpo

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    Spotted French police officers on recent counter-terrorism patrol armed with M1 carbines; along with H&K MP5, not the French Army's standard rifle.
    The RUC used the M1 carbine for a time during 'The Troubles', my recollection is that they would have preferred the Ruger Mini-14, but for political reasons the USA stopped their sale.
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  5. robins2

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    they also had the Mark 2 which could be switched to full auto along with a 30 round magazine
  6. Dave55

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    I love the opening of Heartbreak Ridge.

    Here the full auto portion:

    Complete opening:

  7. Dave55

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    "Woman testing a new type carbine at Aberdeen Proving Ground"

    Might be an ejected case almost directly over her head.
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  8. TTH

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    An Israeli girl I was in love with carried a carbine when she served in the IDF Military Police.
  9. Dave55

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    I think that is Hebrew on her shirt but I'm not sure.

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  10. TTH

    TTH Senior Member

    Yep, Hebrew it is. That could be her, too, she has the same build and the same hair.
  11. von Poop

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    Things I did not know.
    As someone interested in just how long a weapon can stay in service: cheers for that.


    Might the French coppers have been using M14s, though?

  12. Dave55

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    I think those are Ruger .223 Mini-14s. Not positive though.
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  13. canuck

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    Did she carry it all the time or only on dates?
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  14. canuck

    canuck Token Colonial Patron

    Lieutenant Hanley was responsible for me growing up with the impression that the M1 was a special, exclusive weapon. I still like the aesthetic of that gun.

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  15. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    The Mousqueton A.M.D.— France's Mini-14

    Ruger Mini-14 - Wikipedia
    Mousqueton A.M.D
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  16. Dave55

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  17. Dave55

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    Here is my dad's 'bring back'. When he enlisted in Dec of 41 he was assigned to the Coast Artillery for a very short time before being moved to 90mm AA and finally 4.2 mortars in Europe.

    I refinished the stock in the Boy Scouts in the sixties. I regretted doing that after I grew up but now I'm glad that I did. I think he liked it.
    It's a General Motors Inland. Original sling. I have the twin magazine pouch that soldiers loved to slip on to the stock. I don't put it on anymore since it has a metal belt snap inside of it and it mars the finish. I mention that soldiers used it on the carbine because it was actually a belt pouch designed for .45 auto pistol clips but they found it worked great for holding carbine clips on the stock.

    I plink with it every couple of years. Very pleasant to shoot without a lot of recoil or muzzle blast. Plus it makes me think of my dad. I have a better looking magazine but it is loaded at the moment and I didn't want to mess with unloading it for the picture.

    EDIT: I meant the other magazine is loaded, not the one in the picture.

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  18. Dave55

    Dave55 Very Senior Member

    My uncle John just home from Korea showing my mom his carbine.


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