'Lumberjill' memorial unveiled in Dalby Forest

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    A memorial to the 'lumberjills' - the women who worked in forestry during World War Two - has been unveiled in North Yorkshire.
    The sculpture in Dalby Forest, Nr Pickering is a steel fabrication of a felled tree and two lumberjills.
    Some 9,000 British women were recruited to work in forestry during the war.

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    good day 4jonboy.daughter of a 56 reece.yesterday.07:07pm.re":lumbergill" memorial unveiled in dalby forest.thank you for posting this thread.i have read about these women.the unsung hero's of ww2,they did a brilliant job for very little reward.much isolation.its taken too long to give them a memorial.some will say better late than never,a lot of them have passed on.may they rest in peace,regards bernard85
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    Nice to see they have been given a memorial, long over due!
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