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    Hi Vitellino, I'm sorry I didn't reply - life got in the way and I'm just back researching now! My father in law was James Gordon Windridge, staff sargeant in the 11th Field Ambulance South African Medical Corp 1st S.A. Division. Army No. 2923. He was captured at Sidi Rezegh on 23rd November 1941. He arrived at PG52 Chiavari on 4th February 1942 and was moved to PG202 Lucca on the 10th June 1942. Then to Stalag 344 Lamsdorf on 24th September 1943 arriving on 29th. This was on his questionairre. I'm looking for any information about his journey from Bengazi as well as info on the camps.
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    Hello Sheila,

    For PG 52 see my website

    For Lucca hospital, see all the posts between your last one and this one. Geoff Muir is the 'expert' so send him a private message.

    For Stalag 344 Lamsdorf try 'googling' it as there are several websites from which you can obtain information.

    As to his journey from Benghazi, just 'google' BBC People's War Benghazi and something will come up.


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    For a good description of what happened to POW after "Crusader" (Sidi Rezegh etc) go to NZETC for Official History "Prisoners Of War" Chapter 4 -I: "The Desert Campaign of 1941—Prisoners in Italian Hands"
    I: The Desert Campaign of 1941—Prisoners in Italian Hands | NZETC
    My fathers story follows this official narrative.

    If you have any further info of James Gordon Windridge's transfer details between camps etc I would be very interested as these dates would coincide with my father's notes.

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    Hi all. Have posted here before about my Grandfather Paul Peillon who was a stretcher bearer/orderly with the NZ 6th Field Ambulance and taken POW at Sidi Rezegh and went to PG66 then PG52 and Geoff you suggested he probably went to Lucca Hospital before repatriation (to Egypt first) 22.4.43. I am still trying to find out anything more about him.
    Reading Barbed wire in the sunset, Edwin Broomhead talks of lists taken of the prisoners. Has anyone tracked these down. I would love to know if anyone has mention of my Grandfather. I am not sure if he ever sent letters home as there aren't any now.
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    The Telecommunications Museum in Chiavari has a book containing the movements of all prisoners into and out of Camp 52. I was there a fortnight ago and would have looked for you!

    I have a contact who might go and look but he never answers emails. I will try the museum itself and get back to you.

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    That would be amazing. Thank you.
    I would love to be able to contact family of other NZ 6th Field Ambulance personnel if I could to find out if they knew my Grandfather and what he was like.
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    Yes thanks Geoff have seen these.

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